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Skype Translator

Microsoft previews Skype Translator – See how it works

When technology moves forward by leaps and bounds miracles happen. Well, this is not a miracle, but certainly a brilliant example of what technology can do. Skype Translator is here and making stir in the world of technology! Didn’t get […]

Office Online to get Skype Document Chat

Microsoft has announced that Office Online will soon be getting Skype chat integrated with it. Presently Office Online has a real-time co-authoring feature, which makes it easy to collaborate and work together with others on a document in a browser. Now […]

skype for web

Skype for Web released. Chat using your web browser!

Skype lets you communicate using voice as well as video and is available on computers, mobile phone devices, tablets, TVs and even games consoles. Microsoft has now gone a step further and released Skype for Web. Skype for Web Skype […]

Microsoft to rebrand Lync as Skype for Business

After OneDrive for Business, Microsoft is ready to make a change again.  This time it’s Lync. The Redmond giant unveiled Skype for Business as a Lync replacement. The rebranding from Lync to Skype for Business aims to improve all of […]

Skype video Call from Inbox

Skype for brings messaging and contact list improvements

Ever since the tech-giant launched Skype as an add-on feature on its popular email service –, it was working hard to improve the chat sessions in order to deliver its users an easier chatting experience. Hence, Microsoft recently announced updates […]

skype for windows mac

Updated Skype app for Windows and Mac improves chatting experience

Microsoft recently announced a redesigned Skype for Mac 7.0 and a preview for Windows. This revamped version of Skype is released to deliver its users a refreshed experience while chatting or sharing something with their friends, relatives or colleagues. If […]

Skype to bar calls to mobiles, landlines within India

Microsoft owned Skype announced, it is terminating calling facility from its application on mobile and landline within India by early next month (November 10). Telecom operators in India have complained time and again that OTT players make profits using their […]

Trillian logo

Skype kills Trillian and other 3rd-party IM support

In case you have missed this bit of news, your Skype contacts won’t be appearing online anymore in Trillian because Skype has stopped support for Trillian and other 3rd-party IM’s, wef 1st August 2104. As announced by Microsoft last year, […]


Microsoft to launch real-time translated conversations for Skype

After more than 10 years of hard efforts Microsoft announced its plans to release a Skype beta app that will enable people speaking different languages to talk comfortably through real time translation. On Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, at the […]

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Skype makes Group Calling free

Google, as all of us are aware offers free group video chat through its Hangouts platform. As such, its rival – Microsoft too has decided to step in and join the league. The company announced yesterday that it is making […]

Skype for

Skype for launched; includes HD video calling

Microsoft today announced the availability of its popular chat service, Skype for worldwide. The announcement came nearly a year after Microsoft rolled out a preview version of Skype to selected markets last year in April 2013 including the US, […]

Microsoft ready to share Skype user data with Russian authorities

Microsoft recently made an announcement while addressing the Russian authorities, that it will share the Skype user data of Russian users with them. Apparently these changes are the consequence of terror attacks that took place in the last month in […]

Skype Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Style

Yesterday, Skype celebrated its 10th anniversary. Using the occasion as a launch-pad the Microsoft division announced a new feature – 3D video calls (under development). Plus, it confirmed that every Skype user would get 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi access […]

Skype comes to all North America customers users wanting to make Skype phone calls without navigating elsewhere should find this news as a delight. Microsoft has announced that its email service would support built-in Skype video calling and messaging functionality. Skype Comes to All […]

Skype to come as an in-built tool in Windows 8.1

When Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, people started raising their eyebrows thinking what exactly Microsoft is up to. Two years later, after integrating it with Xbox One, Outlook’s desktop and the web version, today, Microsoft has finally announced that it […]

Microsoft details the roadmap for Skype’s mobile future for 2013

Microsoft bought Skype in October 2011 and the VoIP service has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Microsoft repeated some of the well-anticipated facts for Skype for mobile. Skype app is among the top 10 most downloaded apps of […]

skype video messaging

Skype launches free video messaging for Windows 8 users

If you love recording videos, now  it’s time that you share them as well. And what’s better than sharing it through your Skype account. Yes! Video messaging has come to Skype. With Skype video messaging you can now share your […]

Skype is looking for Dad Jokes this Fathers Day

Sunday, June 16 is Fathers Day 2013. So what are your plans this Fathers Day? How about celebrating this great day with all the fathers worldwide? Interesting isn’t it! Yes, you can now be on Skype official website with your […]

Microsoft Lync

Skype shakes hand with Microsoft Lync, makes contact sharing possible

“Let’s connect with each other”, is what the users of Skype and Microsoft Lync will say from now on. Microsoft today announced the integration of Skype and Lync platforms, enabling customers from both the platforms to connect with each other. […]

Skype comes to BlackBerry Z10

As the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system starts rolling out today for BlackBerry Z10 users, the Skype team too announced the availability of Skype Preview for Z10 devices. Earlier in April, the Skype preview version was made available for BlackBerry Q10 users. With […]

Skype video calling comes to

We had posted last month about Skype integration with – and today Microsoft announced that a preview of Skype video calling and messaging had started rolling out in thus bringing two great communication experiences together all into the […]

BlackBerry planning to add Skype to its apps

Here’s a good news for the devotees of BlackBerry. BlackBerry yesterday, let out its plans of adding Skype to its fleet of apps. Thus users of Blackberry 10 operating system will now be connected to their friends, family and colleagues via […]

Bitcoin mining Skype malware spreading at 2,000 clicks per hour

As the value of Bitcoins is soaring high, a new piece of malware is discovered mining the Bitcoins in a high speed on victim’s computer system. This is a Skype-borne malware, and it secretly installs a Bitcoin-mining software on your […]

Skype integration with … Coming soon

A few days back we had posted that had come out of Preview Status and become the world’s fastest growing email service. This continuously improving modern email service has been built from the ground up. As you know is more than just […]

Skype for Windows 8 updated to allow file-sharing

The Skype for Windows 8 app, released in October 2013, has received an important update. Skype 1.5 for Windows 8 will now allow you to share files easily. File sharing was one of the most requested features, which users wanted […]