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Windows 8.1 to get the Start Menu and more, soon!

Microsoft looks set to follow the path it abandoned in the past with the introduction of Windows 8. The company unveiled its plans to re-introduce the Start Menu in Windows, as per the announcement made at the annual BUILD developer conference. [...]

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Microsoft details security improvements to Windows 8.1

As we close on the release of much talked about Windows 8.1, Microsoft is undertaking several steps to ensure that the release is a success all across. Recently at the Black Hat 2013, Microsoft revealed some of the important security developments [...]

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Microsoft launches Maori Version of Office 2012 and Windows 8

Microsoft launched Maori versions of its popular software as a gift for New Zealand’s native people. Windows 8, Outlook, Office 2012 and Internet Explorer 10 are now available in New Zealand’s Maori language. Company’s spokesperson said that the Maori versions [...]


Ads will be an integral part of Search in Windows 8.1 – Microsoft

Last week Microsoft revealed Windows 8.1 Preview and showcased Windows 8.1 Smart Search. Microsoft has revealed that Bing Ads will be an integral part of this Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience. Bing Ads platform has brought a number of new [...]


Windows 8.1 could boost Windows 8 adoption, believes Gartner

After Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 last year the newly introduced user experience was criticized and many came away unimpressed.  A handful of critics complained about the lack of help or cues for the new user experience (lack of Start button). [...]

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Windows 8 overtakes Windows Vista; Windows 7 still on top

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 has slowly gained the ground and finally over-took Windows Vista in terms of market share. It has surpassed Windows Vista and has become the fourth most popular operating system variant in the world after [...]


Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview Upgrade Policy revealed

With the release of the Windows 8.1 preview being around the corner, Microsoft has decided to go public about how the Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview upgrade will work.  Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager Michael Niehaus, during a TechEd session [...]


Microsoft makes fun of Apple and Siri in new Windows 8 commercial

The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 advertisement was one of a new kind from Microsoft where it boasts about the advantage of a Windows Phone against competitors’ devices. This slick Windows 8 ad is another where Microsoft takes Apple’s best [...]


Windows 8? Customers are just upgrading to Windows 7, says Dell !

This might come as news but in a surprise revelation, Dell stated that corporate customers are right now upgrading to Windows 7. And Windows 8? Well it still is a far cry, says Dell! During its Earnings Conference call, Brian [...]


Windows 8.1 update: You might see the Start button and more!

Those who are using Windows OS since the time they became computer literate, are very much used to the Start’button. In fact, the orb is so familiar to us, that whenever we see it, we immediately picture a start-up menu [...]

Windows Embedded 8

Microsoft announces availability of Windows Embedded 8 Industry

Having just announced the release of Windows Embedded 8 platform, Microsoft is all geared up to launch another member from the Windows Embedded family, Windows Embedded 8 Industry, today.           Windows Embedded 8 Industry After the availability of Windows Embedded [...]

Windows Embedded 8

Microsoft announces General Availability of Windows Embedded 8

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Windows Embedded 8, extending Windows 8 technologies to a broader industrial interface and more edge devices. Windows Embedded 8 helps enterprises build up a solid platform to capture, analyze and act on valuable [...]


Submit your Windows 8 story to Microsoft and win $50000 in prizes

After four months of launching its latest operating system Windows 8, Microsoft has now come up with a video contest for Windows 8 users to share their personal story of how Windows 8 has impacted their lives. The contest winner [...]


Microsoft Announces Windows To Go Certified Drive Partners

Microsoft has announced the list of vendors who manufacture USB Drives that meet requirements to give the users the best experience while using Windows To Go. Windows 8 users may be aware that Windows To Go is a new feature that [...]

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Microsoft announces Windows 8 for just $69.99 only for students

Students currently pursuing an academic course and looking to upgrade to Windows 8 have lady luck on their side as Microsoft announced a new Windows 8 student offer which will allow them to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro edition for [...]

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Windows 8 still not successful, Chromebooks are better – Acer President

From current executives, Acer’s President, JT Wong has the credit of having maximum shots fired at Windows 8. Wong has been extremely critical of Microsoft in its attempts to re-imagine the Windows environment, frankly admitting that he does not hold [...]


Windows 8 Pro upgrade to cost $199.99 from Feb 1

Microsoft last year had announced its Windows 8 promotional offer. As you all know it is limited time offer, and is available till January 31st 2013. Microsoft today announced update on Windows 8 Pricing. Microsoft shared the pricing details for the [...]


Microsoft Releases Windows 8 in Kinyarwanda

Microsoft Windows 8 has now finally been made available in Rwanda’s main language Kinyarwanda. With 14 new languages added, Windows 8 now supports a total of 109 languages. Way back in February 21, 2012, on the occasion of  UNESCO’s International [...]


Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web

Well, here’s some awesome news for Microsoft! Chitika, one of the leading brands in the advertisement sector, has published a report claiming the fact that Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web, in just 2 months of its debut. This [...]