New UI for Mozilla Firefox 8 ?

No. I am got going to do any ‘Firefox-bashing‘ in this post. Neither will I say that the story about Internet Explorer users being stupid was a hoax (it indeed was)! Instead, lets take a small flight into the ‘possible’ future and land right there where Mozilla Firefox engineers are busy working.

Firefox seems to be preparing for a revamp of the ‘next generation’ Firefox after its 4th version. Firefox 4 brought in many changes as compared to its predecessor Firefox 3.5. And with Firefox running in version 5 with beta for v.6 and Aurora for v.7 having been already released, its now time to think about v.8, acc to the Firefox team.

And earlier this day, Mozilla revealed a new UI mock-up, hopefully to be included in its v.8. Named as Australis, a sneak peek into this preview leads up to the following screenshot:

Oops!! Anything missing? Yes, the FORWARD button!

What else? No standard URl pattern (“http//www.”), similar to Google Chrome. The BACK button is placed right beside the address bar when in full-screen mode.

Since Mozilla adopted Google Chrome’s release array, they are releasing nighty builds with reinvented UI changes regularly and can be downloaded from Mozilla’s FTP.

Mozilla Firefox 8 is slated to be released in early parts of 2012. Do not catch me by my throat if in case Mozilla doesn’t include the above mentioned mock-ups. As for now, they are just concepts and may/may not be included.

Happy browsing. 🙂

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