Aussie man first to physically buy Windows 7.

While there may be others who may have bought a Windows 7 copy legally, from other sources, Spiros Giokaris seems to be the first man to have bought a Windows 7 copy physically from across the counter at a retail store in Sydney, Australia.


Spiros Giokaris was chosen from a draw of names by retailing supremo Gerry Harvey to be first customer to purchase the new operating system at a Harvey Norman store in Sydney’s south at midnight this morning.

Mr Giokaris, who works in sports management, was ecstatic to hand over his credit card to Harvey.

“I can’t wait to go home to try it out — I’m excited,” he told ninemsn.

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  1. Votre

    It would have been more newsworthy if it happened in China. But then again, it would have been headline news if ANYONE in China bought a copy of ANYTHING legally. 😉

  2. Aaron

    um you might just be wrong there as Australia is behind New Zealand time wise you may find that a Kiwi was the first to make a physical purchase

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