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Internet Security Suite

BitDefender and Kaspersky top Internet Security Suite AV-Test

In the latest test performed by AV-TEST on Internet Security Suites, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Avira, Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab, Symantec and Comodo were among the top performers. These security suites managed to detect 100% of the malware involved in this test.  However, only two packages […]

Microsoft finally gets a patent for the Windows 8 UI

Amid much speculation and criticism, it won’t be wrong to say that Windows 8 has bought in major improvements in the operating system’s platform, security enhancements and better support for touch screen devices. The new user interface of Windows 8 […]


Microsoft may face fresh dispute over OneDrive brand name

Just a couple of days back we covered in a post about Microsoft renaming its popular cloud service SkyDrive to OneDrive after losing a trademark dispute with the UK broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Microsoft was forced to adopt […]

Google Chrome bug lets websites listen to your conversations

While voice recognition is a great technology to look up to it can also lead to a leak of your privacy if you are using it in Google Chrome. It has been found that web developers can exploit bugs in […]

Antivirus protection

F-Secure tops AV-Tests antivirus protection list for Windows 8.1

When you have enormous choices of antivirus protection programs, it becomes difficult to choose the best and the most efficient one. The best way to choose the right program is to go with the tests and analysis done. One such […]

artificial intelligence

Microsoft showcases Smart Elevator based on Artificial Intelligence

Innovations at Microsoft just keep surprising us all the time. This time it is the “Smart Elevator” that takes you to your desired floor automatically without pressing any button. The smart elevator works on the concept of artificial intelligence and […]


Jen Taylor, Halo Cortana’s voice actress to voice Microsoft Cortana

Now fans of Halo series will be able to hear Cortana’s voice on their Windows mobile devices. Cortana is the new voice-assistant feature brought by Microsoft on Windows Mobile that is based on the fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character with […]


Blackberry says no to BBM Windows Phone app

If you are a Windows Phone user, eagerly waiting for Blackberry Messenger to make a debut on Windows Phone store, then you will be disappointed to know that BBM is not expected anytime soon. The decision to ignore BBM app […]

Microsoft ready to share Skype user data with Russian authorities

Microsoft recently made an announcement while addressing the Russian authorities, that it will share the Skype user data of Russian users with them. Apparently these changes are the consequence of terror attacks that took place in the last month in […]

CryptoLocker variant now spreads via Removable Drives

CryptoLocker, a deadly ransomware, recently added a new member in its family called as WORM_CRILOCK.A. TrendLabs reports that this new variant is far more dangerous than the known CryptoLocker variants as it carries a notable feature of propagation routines. Further […]

ZeroAccess botnet

Microsoft and Partners hunt down ZeroAccess botnet

Continuing its crusade against botnet, Microsoft announced that it has disrupted a dangerous botnet called ZeroAccess that has impacted millions of PC across the US and Western Europe. Teaming up with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), the Federal Bureau of […]

Student advantage

Microsoft Office Student Advantage program, now available worldwide

Microsoft has announced the worldwide launch of the Office Student Advantage program. Though the announcement of the program was made earlier in October 2013, yesterday it became officially available for over 35,000 educational institutions worldwide. Microsoft Office Student Advantage Program […]


Microsoft opens new Cybercrime center for combating cybercrimes

Taking a giant step towards tackling Cybercrime, Microsoft Corp announced the opening of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center.  Dedicated to make web a safer place, the Cyber Crime Center aims to track cyber crimes happening across the globe and assist law […]

D-Link router

Security breach caused by D-Link router

Just when one of the models of D-Link router was being praised as an ‘extremely fast router’, another model was causing serious security threats, as reported by ThreatPost, an independent news site developed by the Kaspersky Lab. This particular model […]

Google Drive

Google Drive used to load malicious redirects

This can be considered as the best example of how a useful feature of a cloud storage application can be used nefariously to deliver viruses and malicious redirects. It was recently found that Google Drive was being used as a […]

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 brings Red Bull biking experience to the web

Once again validating the great capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft has joined hands with Red Bull Media House to provide viewers a chance to enjoy the great mountain biking experience on the web. Red Bull, a name famous for […]

Facebook steps up & introduces Facebook Suicide Prevention Resources

According to a survey conducted by The World Health Organization, almost 1 million deaths are caused by suicides every year. Not only that, each of these deaths affects at least 6 people who are closely associated with the dead person. […]

google new logo

Google gets a new logo and navigation bar

Following in the footsteps of Yahoo and Bing, the Search Engine Giant, Google announced a new logo and navigation bar for all its websites. The new logo is much flatter with enhancement in the color palette and letter shapes.  Current […]


AVG launches PrivacyFix Privacy Settings app for Crowd Control at social sites

The ever-increasing traffic on social sites means that users will be uploading more personal information in the form of pictures, whereabouts, work profiles, relationship status, etc. onto the internet. More the information, the greater would be the risk that you […]

New backdoor bypasses Windows User Account Control & performs key logging

 The infectious BackDoor.Saker.1 is the spreading malware that intercepts input data from the keyboard and is capable of bypassing the Windows User Account Control (UAC). The Russian anti-virus company Dr.Web has warned the users about BackDoor.Saker.1 whose main function is […]

nokia device

Microsoft & Nokia: Growth fueled by Innovation – Slideshow & Infographic

Microsoft’s decision to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business for almost $7.2 billion is one of the biggest acquisitions ever in the company’s history. With this move, Microsoft aims to present a unique brand in the market for Windows Phone […]

Google Chrome

Google Chrome celebrates 5th birthday

Who would have thought that a small project by a search engine would turn out to be one of world’s most popular browsers? But the small project not only became popular, but it soon caught up the race with other […]

windows 8.1

Microsoft details security improvements to Windows 8.1

As we close on the release of much talked about Windows 8.1, Microsoft is undertaking several steps to ensure that the release is a success all across. Recently at the Black Hat 2013, Microsoft revealed some of the important security developments […]