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Microsoft Lync

Skype shakes hand with Microsoft Lync, makes contact sharing possible

“Let’s connect with each other”, is what the users of Skype and Microsoft Lync will say from now on. Microsoft today announced the integration of Skype and Lync platforms, enabling customers from both the platforms to connect with each other. […]

Chrome Roll IT

Google launches ROLL IT campaign for Chrome browser

We often connect two devices for the tasks such as connecting to the internet, transferring data from one device to another and many more. However, what will it be like if you can use both your computer and your phone […]

social tools

Don’t restrict employees from using Social tools, says Microsoft

The latest report from Microsoft is an eye opener for companies that have laid restrictions on the usage of social tools within their workplace. As per the new Microsoft survey, nearly half of the employees say that the use of social tools […]

Windows Dev Center

Microsoft launches new revamped Windows Dev Center

The Windows Dev Centre was launched in October, 2011. Since then, Microsoft has worked on it continuously to increase its efficiency. Microsoft’s team works closely with software architects and developers all across the world to understand the requirements and then […]

PC tools antivirus

Symantec kills PC Tools product line, including Spyware Doctor

Symantec, the security software vendor, recently killed its PC Tools security product lines. It was in October 2008 that Symantec had acquired PC Tools, a global provider of security and utility products, including the then popular Spyware Doctor. The announcement can […]

Patent Wars: Google loses to Microsoft over Xbox

Google’s latest loss over patents came yesterday when the US International Trade Commission turned down their request for a ban on Microsoft’s Xbox after finding that the gaming device did not violate a patent owned by Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility. […]


Facebook popularity dipping among Teenagers; Twitter gaining

We love Facebook, don’t we?  It is still the most popular social networking site today. But often you will find people complaining about non-replies, delayed response, non-acceptance of a requests, missing birthday wishes, and many more activities where social expectations […]


Itsdagram becomes #1 selling application on Windows Phone

There is no stopping Itsdagram now! Doesn’t matter if it is available only in a paid version, it does not deter Windows Phone users downloading it.  Such has been the popularity of this Instagram application that it has seen over 22,500 downloads in […]

MLS app

Microsoft announces a multiyear agreement with Major Soccer League

It’s good news if you are a Major Soccer League fan. Recognizing the growing popularity of Major Soccer League, Microsoft announced yesterday a multiyear agreement with Major Soccer League to bring MLS fans the best and fastest soccer content through […]

comedy week

YouTube’s Comedy Week starts today

Your Sunday is all set to be more hilarious than never before, as YouTube kick starts today its first ever Comedy Week. This seven day cyber laughter festival is sure to tickle your funny bones, as it promises to showcase […]

Google glass

Twitter for Google Glass announced

In an interesting development, Twitter launched its official application for Google Glass. This application from Twitter will now allow Google Glass users to tweet photos and texts. So as a user you tweet photos the text will automatically be included. […]


Copy, the Fair Cloud Storage service announces 15GB free for all

Copy, a multi-platform storage company backed by Barracuda, has announced increased online storage for its own Copy users from 5GB to 15GB. First Google, and now it’s Copy that announces increased cloud storage for its users from 5GB to 15GB.The […]

Windows Phone

Windows Phone now stands at #3 in the smartphone market

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Windows Phone operating system (OS) now stands at #3 positions in the smartphone market.  While iOS has the 2nd largest market share, Android continues to be the No. 1 […]


Disqus gains popularity, hits billion unique visitors a month

Congratulations to Disqus as their network hit a billion monthly unique visitors. The growth figures disclosed on the company’s blog reveals that monthly unique visitors have doubled in last two years and is growing at a rate of 1.5 million […]

full resolution photo and video

Full resolution photo & video backup for SkyDrive, now available

It’s good news for Windows Phone 8 users across the world. In case you missed it, Microsoft recently announced the worldwide availability of full resolution photo and video SkyDrive backup. SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage platform, is a great feature that allows […]

Smart Motion Preview

Bing introduces Smart Motion Preview, goes one-up against Google

With the introduction of “Smart Motion Preview” on videos viewed on Bing.com, Microsoft has gone one-up against Google. You compare both and you will find that Smart Motion Preview on Bing offers you a quick preview of the video you […]

Keygens have become the number one threat – Microsoft

As per the latest report from Microsoft Security Center, Keygens have become the number one threat reported by users, especially in newer versions like Windows 8 & Windows 7. This research is done on the basis of reports received from […]

surface tablet

2nd generation Surface Tablets to debut next month?

If sources are to be believed, then we may see the next generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablets released in the next month. The current version of Surface RT tablets is already launched in countries like Malaysia and will be launched […]

Internet, the revolution turned 20 on April 30th!

20 years back, the internet was made available to public and the whole world was introduced to the biggest revolutionary change in the way we communicate. Back then, people were amazed to see this new medium of communication; but very […]

Small businesses lose more than $24 billion in productivity, says Microsoft

Managing companies’ internal IT is a job best suited to technically qualified professionals. However, small businesses who cannot afford to have a technical team looking after their IT infrastructure, employ non-technical employees (referred to as Involuntary IT managers or IITMs) to […]

BlackBerry planning to add Skype to its apps

Here’s a good news for the devotees of BlackBerry. BlackBerry yesterday, let out its plans of adding Skype to its fleet of apps. Thus users of Blackberry 10 operating system will now be connected to their friends, family and colleagues via […]

Microsoft signs a deal with ZTE, Chinese phone maker

Microsoft has announced that it has signed a patent deal with Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE. The latest patent-licensing agreement with ZTE is its continuation of making deals with almost every major Chrome and Android device maker. With this agreement ZTE is […]

IFrameRef worm replaces Conficker as the No. 1 threat

Malware is a serious threat for computers and hence companies like Microsoft are always on their toes. The Conficker, infected millions of computers across 200 countries, which included the home, business and also government computers, and went on to become […]

Windows 8.1 update: You might see the Start button and more!

Those who are using Windows OS since the time they became computer literate, are very much used to the Start’button. In fact, the orb is so familiar to us, that whenever we see it, we immediately picture a start-up menu […]

Microsoft releases Windows Fundamentals SP3 for Legacy PCs

Microsoft recently released Service Pack 3 or SP3 for WinFLP. WinFLP or Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC’s is a thin client OS from Microsoft released on July 8, 2006. It is based on Windows XP Embedded, but it is optimized for […]

Understanding Microsoft’s performance in Q1 2013

On Apr 18th, 2013, Microsoft released its third-quarter report for the revenue of $20.94 billion. The third quarter ended on Mar 31st, 2013. This quarter’s revenue is a net result of operating income of $7.61 billion, net income of $6.06 […]