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Microsoft trademarks Windows 365

Could it be the new name of Windows as a Service? Microsoft has trademarked the name Windows 365. So far, it was selling Windows as a standalone package with a one time fee that was too high for many. With […]

Attack on Anthem

Anthem Hit By Hackers, 80 Millions Records Stolen

The second largest health insurance provide, Anthem, was recently hit by hackers in what is being called the largest attack in the healthcare sector so far. The Wall Street Journal reported that the healthcare managers accepted that data was breached […]

Free Microsoft for Washington County Public Schools

The council sets standards for primary education across the county. While it was already using Microsoft software in its physical office, now Microsoft has announced that it will give free software to schools coming under the wings of Washington County […]

Microsoft asks companies to stop using Windows Server 2003

Bad timing for a good advice. Microsoft asks all businesses and other networks using server 2003 to stop using it. They cite end of support to Server 2003 as the reason. The timing of stopping support and asking people to […]

British Army employs Kinect and Windows 8.1 to fight Ebola

The hype of Ebola has died down it seems as news media is now talking again about terrorism and cops fighting innocent men. However, the danger is still there and the danger is big because Ebola spreads through contact of […]

Xbox 360 gets a price cut; 19% lower in India

Just after announcing a $100 discount on Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has cut Xbox 360’s price by 19% in India. It has also launched the 500GB version of Xbox with the announcement. Microsoft is now eyeing the game market in […]


Surface Pro 3 gets a $100 discount

If budget was a constraint that stopped you from purchasing Surface Pro 3, you can now get it easily. Microsoft is offering a limited period discount on almost all models of Surface Pro 3. The tablet or rather, convertible, is […]

Microsoft invests in Cyanogen; To hold share in rival Mobile OS

“We’ll take away Android from Google,” said the CEO of Cyanogen, a company that started Android project as an open source project. Though Android was an open source project and on record, it still is open source, Google has done […]


Microsoft Office is now available for Android

Finally, Microsoft Office comes to Android after a long wait. Before it was released by Microsoft for the platform, users had to satisfy themselves using QuickOffice or Google Docs. Speaking of Quick Office, it is a Google Drive integrated product […]

IIT Bombay to produce World’s Cheapest Netbook

In what started as an ambitious project to provide remote students with virtual classrooms, some 30 years ago, India has been roping in different manufacturers as well as has been researching on its own (in its IT Institutes) for a […]

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Surface 2 is dying… Not anytime soon though!

Soon after its Jan 21 2015 event, Microsoft announced that it will no longer be manufacturing Surface 2, the device running Windows 8 RT. The news associated with this announcement say that it was the need for ARM processors that […]

BSNL and Microsoft To Provide Free Internet Across India

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has proposed providing 2500 cities and towns across India with free WiFi connectivity. The project will cost some seven thousand Indian rupees. The projects has gotten the nod of Modi cabinet (the current Indian […]

Facebook and Instagram Suffer Global Outage – DDoS Suspected

Thousands of Facebook users were left bewildered as the social networking site went down for almost 40 minutes, possibly due to a DDoS attack. They were not able to login as the main page was showing a message that said […]

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Microsoft Q4 2014 Dull, Shares Fall Despite Office 365

The reason why the graph turned down is poor reception of Windows 8.1. Experts say that despite the many other fields where Microsoft has been doing well, such as – Surface Pro and Office 365 and Xbox – the company’s […]

Mouse Box – The Mouse as a PC

In a project undertaken by a group of Polish students, the entire PC is bundled inside a mouse. The only thing it lacks is a monitor and there is provision for that too. The Mouse Box has two USB ports that […]

Microsoft To Bring Android Apps To Windows Phone and Tablets

At the time of writing this article, there are two different marketplaces for Windows 8.1 apps. One is reserved for apps that are meant to be run on Windows PC and the another one is much popular, containing apps for […]

Police Threat Ransomware Mail Kills Autistic Teenager

In what appeared to be a legitimate email from the police department, it was written that the police had caught the teen browsing illegitimate sites and needs to pay a fine of hundred Pounds to stop police from pursuing him […]


Free Upgrade to Windows 10: Gains and Losses

Microsoft has, on its home based event at Redmond on Jan 21 2015, announced that people using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 without paying any extra charges. Experts are saying Microsoft’s this […]

Details of Microsoft Surface Hub For Business Meetings

Business meetings are important and a lot of things happen there. People come up with new ideas and collaborate on them. Heavy brainstorming happens and then the results are combined into a plan that needs to be carried out. All […]

EU takes a step further to kill Privacy on the Internet

Privacy has been an issue all along past many decades, especially since Google started sneaking into what you are searching on the Internet. In an age where people are concerned more about their privacy than ever, law makers and law […]


Windows 10 As A Service – What it means

While allowing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, Microsoft has made it clear that version numbers will not matter anymore. Windows will be Windows 10 on all devices. Rather than a standalone operating […]

Office 365 Come to Classrooms – Integrates with Moodle

The Open Source wing of Microsoft, the Microsoft Open Tech, today integrated a set of Moodle’s Remote Learning plugins into Office 365 so that teachers and students can make better use of learning, sharing and collaboration features of the software. […]

Surface Pro 4 to be Long Term Evolution capable

If reports are to be believed, Surface Pro 4 will be LTE capable. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a successor to 3G connectivity. It means that the Surface Pro 4 would be able to support cellular data transmission with […]

Outlook.com hacked in China following Gmail block

Following the ban on Gmail imposed by China on Dec 26 2014, it seemed the government services also attacked Outlook.com. Though the web interface was not affected with the hack, all email clients were unable to access Outlook via SMTP, […]