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Lee Whittington is a Tech Reporter and a Developer with the TWC Team. He has been writing for TWCN for several years and has also developed several freeware apps for The Windows Club, most of which have been very popular worldwide.

Microsoft Azure is the first internationally certified cloud service

Your data stored in Microsoft Azure will be more secure now. Microsoft today has passed the first international standard ISO/IEC 27018 for cloud privacy. ISO/IEC 27018 is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which gives an […]


Free Cars for Microsoft Nokia customers in Ghana

It is raining discounts and promos as far as Microsoft products are concerned. After dropping Xbox 360 costs by 19% and reducing Surface Pro 3 prices, another promo has now surfaced that will provide Microsoft customers with free brand new […]

Mobile devices with 512 RAM too, will get Windows 10

Cellphones running Windows 8.1 will get free upgrade to Windows 10. The technical preview of Windows phone 10 is not yet available but people are anticipating Windows 10 on their phones, if they are running Windows 8.1. Experts were saying […]

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Microsoft highlights benefits of Surface Pro to Manufacturing Businesses

Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup keeps getting better. The company has done a fine job in transforming a confusing concept (naming convention) into a compelling product. Earlier, users complained the hardware supported by the device wasn’t just good enough. Microsoft has […]

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Microsoft Office Apps top the Apple App Store free download list

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel have managed to secure places as the top free apps in the App Store free download. These apps have managed to take over popular apps like Pandora, Swype, Pinterest and others. The change became visible […]

Microsoft, Google endorse Code.org coding initiative

Since its inception Code.org has been involved in process of expanding participation in computer science by offering free online learning courses in coding, primarily through its Hour of Code program. Figures suggest, it has already crossed 44 million mark but […]


Some Windows August Updates may break Windows, says Microsoft

Recently Microsoft pushed a few updates from its Windows Update server, targeted at Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003  operating system. These updates were released to […]

Facebook completes a decade and takes you down the memory lane

The social media website which transformed the way we network, Facebook turns 10 today. Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to the world’s most popular and successful social network. On the occasion, Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook released an open […]

Microsoft releases Infographic about Xbox One facts

The gaming industry is looking forward to November 22, 2013 – the launch date in major markets for Xbox One, the gaming console from Microsoft’s stable. Though it faces stiff competition from Play Station 4, analysts believe that the Xbox […]

Twitter adds the Follow button in Who To Follow box

If you are Twitter users, you will probably have noticed that the social networking site has added the Follow button in the Who To Follow box, in the left side panel. This is how the Who To Follow box looks […]

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Intel’s Haswell processor debuts; brings more battery life for Windows PC

Yesterday,at Computex Expo, Taiwan, Intel officially announced the launch of its 4th generation Intel Core processors. Also referred to by its codename “Haswell”, these processors are aimed at combining stunning PC performance with tablet-like mobility, bringing a concept of 2-in-1 devices where […]

Windows Phone official YouTube app updated to v3

The official YouTube app for Windows Phone has got a new major update Published by none other than Microsoft, this update provides much more features than the original, mobile site loading app. Previously, it was known that Microsoft was ready […]

Microsoft releases Facebook Beta, a new Facebook app for Windows Phone

Facebook Beta is a new Facebook app for Windows Phone that has arrived in the Windows Phone Store. Published by Microsoft, the new Facebook Beta app features a redesigned Facebook experience for Windows Phone 8 users. Keeping lock screen wallpaper […]

IE10 for both Windows 8 Pro & RT will have Flash enabled by default 3/12

Good news for all Internet Explorer 10 users! Flash content viewed within the Modern UI version of Microsoft’s browser will now be automatically enabled! Microsoft will update Internet Explorer 10 to all Windows 8 users – including Windows 8 RT and […]

Windows Phone Manager hints at fixes for Other Storage & Live Tiles

Recently, Joe Belfiore, the Manager of the Windows Phone Program at Microsoft, responded to a couple of tweets that hinted on fixes coming to both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8. Windows Phone 8 currently has an irritating issue where […]

Ballmer: Surface is important for Microsoft & the Windows ecosystem

In an interview given to MIT Technology Review, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer talked about Windows 8, Surface and the vision of Microsoft. When asked about Surface, Ballmer said that he was glad he did Surface and that “Surface is important—and not […]

NVIDIA introduces Tegra 4, claimed to be World’s Fastest Mobile Processor

NVIDIA today introduced Tegra 4 claiming it to be the world’s fastest mobile processor. The processor boasts of record-setting performance and battery life and is expected to  power smartphones and tablets, navigation systems, gaming devices, auto infotainment  & PCs flawlessly. Tegra 4 […]

Windows Azure gets updated; many new features added

Microsoft’s Windows Azure is a platform that we can use to build a web application, running and storing its data under the company’s datacenters. The same platform has now received a number of enhancements. Updates to Windows Azure All of […]

Microsoft takes Silverlight.Net offline – breaks many a links!

Microsoft, the software giant has reportedly shut down its Silverlight.Net site. The site which was released 5 years ago and served as a resource for the web developers has been pulled out from business. The news came to light after […]

Microsoft Office 2013 for Business Customers Released

IT professionals  and developers got a taste of final version of Office 2013 earlier via Technet and MSDN subscriptions. The tech bigwig is now making it available officially for purchase by business customers. Office 2013 for Business Available under Microsoft licensing the […]

Nokia Lumia 822, new Windows Phone on the Block, unveiled

With AT&T and T-Mobile already carrying the new Windows Phone 8 on their carriers, Verizon too seems to have joined the gang. AT&T has two handset namely Nokia Lumia 920 & HTC 8X, whereas T-Mobile is carrying HTC 8X. Now Verizon Wireless joins […]

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Hands-on with Microsoft Answer Desk, a Live Paid Tech Support site

Microsoft has without announcing, launched their new Tech Support website Microsoft Answer Desk. While some may see similarities between it and Apples Genius Bar, one has to wonder, whether Microsoft did actually copy Apple. Microsoft has always as far as I […]