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Mahit Huilgol has been using Windows on PC and Mobile since long. He has been following Microsoft developments from close quarters and loves writing about it.

Opera 37 will not be available for Windows XP and Vista users

Opera’s latest version seems to herald with some major decisions about the Windows version support and according to folks from Opera they have not included the changes in the change log. After Chrome recently cut off the support for Windows […]

Microsoft updates people experience profile for Office 365

A recent update to the Office 365 people profile experience now brings consolidated profile and activity pages to make it simpler for the users to discover relevant content, find industry experts and connect with their colleagues. Office 365 now brings […]

Hulu Universal app is now available on Windows 10

Here is some good news for Windows 10 users, Microsoft has announced that Hulu app will be available as a Universal Windows Platform app across PC, Tablet and mobile in the US region. This announcement coincides with the launch of […]

Microsoft to bring back Update Release Notes for Windows 10

Microsoft has bought about a plethora of changes when it comes to the Windows 10 and one of the small changes was to exclude the release note which used to come with every update. The release note/changelog let the users […]

Microsoft announces Azure IoT Hub and Ropes in New Device Partners

The IoT wave is indeed taking the tech industry by storm, the advent of smart devices and smart interconnected homes are already in vogue. It is very likely that the Internet of Things will play a very crucial role in […]

Microsoft's Project Natick

Microsoft’s Project Natick will put the data centres under water

Microsoft has pulled the wraps from Project Natick which is a mind boggling research endeavor with the potential of becoming the next big thing. Microsoft would be bringing the cloud computing infrastructure to the big cities near large bodies of […]

Facebook at Work helps Businesses create their own social network

It was a well-known secret that Facebook was working on a dedicated social network for work which would eventually be aimed at the enterprise market. The entire endeavor was nicknamed “FB@Work” and just recently the product was finally unveiled. While […]

Skype is now safer after it decides to hide users IP

Microsoft has been bringing in a host of new features and improvisation when it comes to Skype. Recently they added the option to schedule a Skype call and now even the group Video calling feature has been baked in now, […]

Bing talks of Continuous Delivery Method for rapid deployment

If you are following Windows Club closely it will be evident that Microsoft is sparing lots of efforts to make its Bing Products better and now Bing being the second largest search engine globally it only becomes more important for […]

Bing Search gets a new logo with a capital B and blue teal colored fonts

Microsoft is undergoing a lot of change both in its approach towards the product design and the products itself. For instance, the sweet success it tasted with the Windows 10 and the Continuum feature is something that helped Microsoft regain […]

First JavaScript ransomware, Ransom32 discovered

The SaaS model has been picking up the pace and is considered as one of the best platforms to conduct businesses, however, on the other hand, this has also given rise to a large number of malware writers and cyber […]

Skype for Business app now available for Android users

Skype for Business was long due for the Android users and finally Microsoft released the same for all Android users. This would be great for folks owning an Android Tablet and for people who work remotely. It seems that Microsoft […]


Microsoft introduces new Certification for Azure on Linux

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure Junction. The non-profit organization has been created in tandem with the Linux foundation and will cater for the mass innovation needs thanks to its open source approach, further […]

Windows 10 Mobile Mainstream Support to end in 2018; Windows 10 in 2020

Microsoft has updated Support Lifecycle Policy which provides guidelines for product support availability across a products lifecycle. By deducing the product support available customers will be able to maximize the return on its investment and also plan their inventory as […]

Major WordPress sites including Readers Digest infected by malware

A majority of content-centric sites across the Internet are running on WordPress. There are reports that the Angler exploit kit has compromised many WordPress sites either directly or indirectly. The attack was carried out by injecting a malicious script within […]

Microsoft’s Cortana gets smarter with Power BI integration

Microsoft has been striving hard to push Windows 10 as the comprehensive solution for computing needs, the results till now has also been overwhelming. One of the essential feature of the Windows 10 has been Cortana, and Microsoft is adding […]

Lenovo and Razer join hands to build a range of Gaming Devices

Razer is a brand that needs no introduction especially for the gaming folks this is the brand that has always listened to them and come out with some of the best gaming accessories. Now Lenovo has partnered with Razer to […]

Microsoft invites Insiders to help build the next Windows 10 device

Microsoft is striving hard to unite its community and foster the Windows ecosystem by inviting its users and taking input from them. The company had recently invited some of its Insiders for the Lumia launch party and now some of […]