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Microsoft unveils new Skype Bots while 30,000 others build their own

At this year’s Build Developer Conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced an entirely new world of conversational computing – Skype Bots. If you are not sure what that means, Skype Bots are part of the technology that lets people have […]


Hello! Creator of Orkut launches a new social site

Despite Google shutting down its first social network Orkut having over 300 million users in September 2014, Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of Orkut, is in no mood to give up. In yet another attempt to foray into the world where plenty […]

Hacker allegedly puts 200 million Yahoo account credentials up for sale

Yahoo! Inc. stated that it’s investigating an alleged security breach after a hacker that goes by the handle “peace_of_mind,” claimed to have advertised 200 million Yahoo users credentials for sale on the Dark Web for 3 Bitcoins or $1,860, which […]

Cortana and more for XBox One

Microsoft Cortana, Background Music features arrive on Xbox One

Microsoft Corporation has started rolling out the company’s most recent system update for Xbox One starting July 30. As part of the update, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant Cortana is now available on Xbox One in addition to Background Music feature […]


Embarrassing Glassdoor goof exposed over half a million user email IDs

Glassdoor, a company that’s best known for offering a platform where both current and ex-employees get a chance to review their respective organizations anonymously and disclose salaries as well as interview details, recently goofed up its users’ privacy pretty badly. According […]


Crypto-ransomware attacks rose 5.5 times during 2015-16, says Kaspersky

According to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, crypto-ransomware attacks have seen a tremendous growth in the recent months. In the year 2015-16 alone, the attacks have shockingly increased 5.5 times in comparison with the same period during the year […]


Microsoft to show how to respond to major business security risks

Microsoft has come up with a security webinar that is aimed at empowering business owners on how to tackle some of the major security threats. The webinar is titled “Top 5 security threats facing your business – and how to […]


Men are more addicted to phones than women, says Kaspersky

According to an experiment carried out on behalf of Kaspersky Lab by the Universities of Würzburg and Nottingham Trent, men find it more difficult to stay away from their phones for a longer period as compared to women. The study […]


Countries with higher IQ scores have lower software piracy rates, says Study

Based on the information provided by the Business Software Alliance, an analysis found that national IQ score correlates with local software piracy rates. As per the study published by Raufhon Salahodjaev, Shoirahon Odilova, and Antonio R. Andr´es in their research […]


Net Neutrality wins in the US court

The broadband industry in the United States has been defeated in its lawsuit suing the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reclassification of Internet Service Providers as common carriers and Net Neutrality regulations. However, in Tuesday’s ruling, the US Court of Appeals for […]


Facebook launches suicide-prevention tools for all

Facebook has rolled out a suicide prevention tool in collaboration with local partners AASRA and Live Love Laugh Foundation in order to let users report suicidal posts and help their friends. Previously, the tool was accessible only to English-language users. […]


Over 8 billion devices are now connected to the Internet

According to a recent IHS Technology’s Connected Device Market Monitor report, there were over 8 billion devices connected to the World Wide Web at the end of 2015. Surprisingly enough, it’s not the PCs or Laptops that are leading these […]


Facebook will delete your Photos if you don’t install Moments app

While it’s been merely a week since the social networking giant Facebook forced its users to install its Messenger app on the mobile web platform, numerous reports are now indicating Facebook’s unacceptable approach to get users forcibly into using its […]