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Microsoft pushes Windows XP End of Support deadline to July 2015, kind of

Microsoft has just announced that it is extending the support for Anti-Malware protection on Windows XP till July 2015. With this, Microsoft wants to bid more migration time to the existing Windows XP users. The decade old operating system Windows […]

Windows Phone Twitter client Mehdoh is free for a short period

Popular Twitter client for Windows Phone Mehdoh is presently available for free on Windows Phone store. Mehdoh is one of the oldest Twitter client for Windows Phone, which has been around since Windows Phone 7 days. What makes Mehdoh special […]


Malwarebytes reviews threat attacks of 2013 & predicts about 2014

Much like in the  real world, the internet too has bad people. While 2013 did manage to roll out some of the finest gadgets, and enhance the existing technologies, we witnessed a lot of depraved things too. Popular security firm, […]

Internet Explorer 11 popularity surges, runs 10% of all desktop browsers

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 has surged a record elevation in the latest statistics of web browsers for the desktop provided by Net Market Share. As expected, Internet Explorer has continued its world domination and is used by over 57% people to access […]

Nokia Lumia 525 specs announced, comes with 1 GB of RAM

The long awaited Nokia Lumia 525 has officially been announced today. It is the latest addition into the Lumia line of the series. The device runs on Windows Phone 8, and is an uplift to the Nokia Lumia 520. While […]

Microsoft’s Frank Shaw berates Apple for comparing Office to iWork

Two days ago at their iPad event, Cupertino giant released improved versions of its tablets, computer, and laptop. Besides the hardware releases, it also released its new desktop operating system OS X Mavericks 10.9, and made their productivity suite “iWork” […]

Windows 8.1 Engineers fail to address major concerns at Reddit AMA

On the occasion of the release of its new operating system, Microsoft participated in the popular Reddit AMA. A group of engineers from the Windows 8.1 team sat down to talk about user experiences, the new Internet Explorer and the […]

Microsoft too can recycle your inactive Outlook.com email ID

Similar to Yahoo, Outlook.com, the email service from Microsoft can also recycle inactive email account IDs. Microsoft has had a similar policy with Hotmail and Live ID, and it seems like it has been inherited by Outlook.com as well. Yahoo […]

Bing and 500px Team Up to Showcase Elegant Photography

If you are into photography and looking for a platform to showcase your work, you are just in luck.  Just now, the popular photo sharing web service 500px has teamed up with Microsoft. This will probably help the shutter bugs gain […]

Leading game company Ubisoft website hacked; user information compromised

A leading game company Ubisoft, popularly known for creating the Assassin’s Creed video-game series, has announced that the user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of its account holders had been illegally accessed, leaving out their other personal information such […]

Microsoft details the roadmap for Skype’s mobile future for 2013

Microsoft bought Skype in October 2011 and the VoIP service has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Microsoft repeated some of the well-anticipated facts for Skype for mobile. Skype app is among the top 10 most downloaded apps of […]

Microsoft adds features & re-designs Xbox Music for Windows 8.1

With the revamp of Windows 8 for its next iteration Windows 8.1, even Xbox Music will also receive a revamped new update for Windows 8.1. Alex Garden, General Manager for Xbox Music revealed in an official blog post that this […]

Digg Reader opens its arms to interested users

A week before the Google Reader app shuts down; Digg Reader arrives just in time! Yes, the Reader replacement after 3 months of work has finally been opened for public use. All the news-hungry souls can now access Digg Reader […]

Microsoft Ventures launched, to encourage Entreprenuers

After the success of its ‘Big Fund’ and ‘BizSpark’ programs, Microsoft has come forward with a new initiative to encourage entrepreneurship and has named it as ‘Microsoft Ventures’. The company wishes to make create a stress free atmosphere for new […]

G Data records more than 666,666 mobile malware for Android

G Data Security Labs, the anti-malware software provider have recorded more than 666,666 unique mobile malware programs for the Android platform in their database. The report is updated till June 2013. The report also added that the number is expected […]

Mozilla Firefox 22 released

The much awaited Mozilla Firefox 22 has been released officially, and this time it is a huge improvement over its predecessor. It is way too fast, and there are no time gaps between sending and receiving small packets thus making […]

PC shipments to drop 10%; Tablets to jump 68% in 2013 – Gartner

The world’s leading IT research and advisory firm Gartner has released its latest report on the projections of smart mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets and ultramobiles as PC shipments take a slump. The report clearly indicates and predicts the […]

Chitika talks of the Value of Google Search Result positioning

A finding from an online ad network Chitika confirms the importance of SEO for online businesses. According to the findings in the study, the top listing in Google search result receives 32.5 % of the traffic compared to 18 % […]


Facebook may be developing a news ‘Reader’ app for mobile users

Facebook’s stock is well below its IPO price, and this has forced it to keep experimenting with mobile-centric ideas. After LinkedIn’s acquired Pulse news reader, Facebook has also jumped in the arena with the reports of a similar news reading […]

Firefox OS not secure, invites phishing and malware, says analyst

An analyst Axelle Apvrille from the Fortinet Blog has uncovered the security threats and loopholes in the underlying technology base for Firefox OS. She has developed an application for Firefox called CrackMe and has explored the malware threats and possibilities […]

Microsoft Corporation Launches Windows Store Partner Directory

Microsoft Corporation recently launched Windows Store Partner Directory which is a list of first and third party services for its app developers. This initiative by the corporation is a proof that it does not want to monopolize its services and wishes to […]

Malwarebytes acquires ZeroVulnerabilityLabs, expands reach to Vulnerability Protection

A leading anti-malware software provider Malwarebytes has confirmed that it has completed the process of acquisition of ZeroVulnerabilityLabs Inc., which is a vulnerability, exploits and security R&D Company. ZeroVulnerabilityLabs provide software that protects from zero-day exploits, malware infections from exploiting kits […]