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Yahoo defends its decision to release inactive Yahoo! Mail IDs

Yahoo recently said that it was freeing up inactive mail IDs and releasing them back to the public. It had announced that it would free-up Yahoo ID’s that have been inactive for at least 12 months. Such ID’s will then […]

Apple states its position on the PRISM program

In a recent post on Apple’s official website, the company has stated that the media reports which stated that the US government had unrestricted access to its data are false. According to the announcement, Apple Corporation clearly stated that it did […]

MSDN Developer Forum gets a face-lift

The world is changing and so does Microsoft’s product family. The latest to receive the change is MSDN Developer forum. The forum gets a new face-lift by shifting from old-fashioned interface to what Microsoft refers as ‘Modern UI’. MSDN Developer […]

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, et all deny involvement in PRISM Spying Program

A confidential report obtained by the Washington Post reveals that via a $20 million data collection program known as PRISM, many US-based Internet companies like Google Facebook, Yahoo, PalTalk and other bigwigs like Apple and Microsoft have leaked their users […]

Microsoft Surface, now available in Thailand

Surface tablets from Microsoft are ready to hit the store shelves of Thailand. Both, Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro RT are now available for purchase in Thailand. While Surface Pro is seen more as an enterprise tablet, Surface RT […]

Facebook takes a cue from Twitter, launches Verified Pages & Profiles

Facebook has at last introduced ‘Verified Pages‘, a feature that would help Facebook users to easily find official accounts of celebrities and other prominent personalities they would like to follow. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook will display a […]

Dangerous Trojan can redirect your browser to a malicious web page

Dr. Web one of the well-known anti-virus company from Russia has come up with a report that has studied one of the most widespread threats in April 2013, the Trojan.Mods.1. Trojan.Mods.1 works by intercepting the system functions necessary for translating DNS […]

Norton Zone, new secure file sharing service officially released

Symantec recently announced Norton Zone for consumers, a new secure file sharing service that allows users to safely access, sync and share photos, videos and documents from any of their PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices. Norton Zone has been […]

Bing Offers launched

Microsoft Corporation officially launched its online shopping portal ‘Bing Offers. This happens less than a week before the official date of deals.Yahoo.com’s shutdown. The portal plans to cover almost every possible commodity and service available out there. However, as a start, […]

Majority prefer Bing results labeled as Google: Study

A survey carried out by SurveyMonkey, asked participants to choose which one they preferred – Bing results labeled as Google and Google results labeled as Bing results. The majority of people preferred the results labeled Google. The course of the […]

Microsoft Surface Pro and RT to be available in more countries

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft Surface has been well received in the current tablet market. Recently, its sales crossed that of Google Nexus 10. As a result, Microsoft Corporation has decided to expand the horizon of the market […]

Sequel to Gangnam Style video, PSY GENTLEMAN, is here!

The sequel to the Gangnam Style video by PSY is here. The popular singer from South Korea, PSY has released a musical follow-up to his popular Gangnam Style video, which became the most watched video on YouTube and generated over $8 million through YouTube views […]

Open-Xchange Launches Open Source Office Productivity Suite

Open source software developer, Open-Xchange is all set to launch its cloud based office productivity suite – OX Documents. The browser-based alternative office suite is built using HTML 5 and Javascript technology & mainly feature an in-browser word processing tool known as […]

Google Introduces Google+ Sign In, a new Authentication Platform

Google has added a new application sign-in feature to its popular social networking platform Google Plus. The feature is believed to provide app developers with an option of allowing users sign up with their Google account. Google claims, the feature is […]

Windows Phone see a 240% gain in UK at the expense of Android & Symbian

According to the recent smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel Com Tech, Windows Phone platform is fast gaining acceptance among consumers in UK. Its user base has grown by almost 700,000 in the past year – an increase of 240%. […]

Microsoft unveils €6m YouthSpark programme in Ireland

YouthSpark, the global initiative from Microsoft plans to create opportunities for more than 300 million youth in more than 100 countries over the next three years. Microsoft has been busy launching YouthSpark Hubs and Centers across the world. After launching YouthSpark […]

Microsoft Research predicts 2013 Oscar Winners

It was just a few days back that we posted about how Microsoft Researchers were secretly working on a new project to develop a software capable of revealing tomorrow’s news today. Now comes the news that Microsoft Research is using a […]

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Java Version, Update 15 released to patch critical remote compromises

Oracle has released the updated February 2013 Critical Patch Update for Java SE.  This Java Version, Update 15 delivers 5 additional fixes which could not be included when Oracle accelerated the release of the Critical Patch Update by publishing it […]

Posterous to go offline on April 30 – Backup your data!

Posterous is shutting down on April 30, 2013. The service was acquired by Twitter just a year ago and had made it clear at the time of the sale that it was unlikely for the service to remain up and […]

Facebook Was Hacked, Security Team Confirms

The world’s most popular social site Facebook was hacked recently. Many of us may have experienced the down time. There were some messages to the effect that the site was down for maintenance. But now the official Facebook Security team has confirmed […]

Opera to use WebKit rendering engine & V8 JavaScript engine

Opera in a surprising announcement made it clear that it is going to transition to the WebKit platform, taking its 300 million plus users with it. Beginning from today, Opera is planning to change things a bit. The browser maker […]

Google announces revamped Create menu for Google Drive

Google, along with the launch of Google Drive had introduced the Google Drive SDK. The software development kit from Google helped users integrate their apps into Drive. With this, users of the service were able to integrate as many as […]