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Free Software Foundation says Ubuntu acting as Spyware

Richard Stallman President and Founder of The Free Software Foundation has claimed that Ubuntu is tracking its users and selling its data. Specifically he called Ubuntu Linux a spyware because it collected data about users searches and sent it to […]

HP announces EliteBook Revolve Business Tablet

HP today decided to expand its business tablet portfolio with the launch of HP EliteBook Revolve, a touch-enabled business laptop with a screen that pivots and turns to convert it into a tablet. Along with it, a new HP Multi-Tablet […]

Google launches Take Action campaign to support a free & open Internet

Google has launched a Take Action campaign in support of a free and open Internet. The initiative has been launched world-wide via a new website launched by it. Google Take Action Google and other tech companies fear that The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), […]

Acer India website hacked

Acer India’s website acer.co.in has been hacked by a  Turkish Hacker Group, Maxney. The site has been defaced and is facing a massive leakage of data. Over 20000 user credentials and information in the XLS format has been claimed to be […]

Windows Store security compromised by a hacking tool

A Windows Store hacking tool has been released, that allows users to hack into Windows Store and convert trial versions of apps into full versions. The Windows Store offers paid as well as free apps for Windows 8. The paid […]

Facebook subdomain vulnerable to SQL injection

Leading websites are prone to being attacked – and Facebook is no exception. Just a few weeks back we had read that a zero-day vulnerability was found on Facebook, which allowed a hacker to login to anyone’s Facebook account without […]

Bing Trends reveals top searches of 2012

So what has Americans been searching for this year? Base on the aggregation of billions of search queries, Bing Search has released a list of the top searches performed by Americans and presented them in the form of a report […]

Gangnam Style becomes the most watched video on YouTube

Gangnam Style by a South Korean singer PSY has toppled Justin Beiber’s, two-year old Baby video to become the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. Never in his dreams would PSY have expected that his video would be such a rage […]

Microsoft launches GET ON programme to tackle youth unemployment

Despite some stability, unemployment in the U.K is continuing to rise. Taking note of this Microsoft has launched a ‘GetOn’ program for helping young minds in the U.K to get inspired, get skilled, and get a job! The company through its, some […]

avast! Endpoint Protection Suite, now FREE for Educational Institutions

avast! one of the leading security suite provider has launched a program that promises to give enterprise-level protection to schools for free. The Free for education program from avast! is providing Endpoint Protection Suite to schools for protecting their networks. […]

Facebook Rolls Out Several New Features and Platform Updates

After receiving much required feed-backs from users about things Facebook should do to improve its Platform, the social networking giant rolled out several new features and updates via its program – Operation Developer Love. Facebook was criticized consistently for years by developers for enforcing […]

Windows Phone 8 adopters complain about random reboots & poor battery life

Barely a month has passed since the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS and early adopters have already started complaining about ‘random reboot’ issues and poor battery performance of the devices running the new OS. They have started rushing to support […]

Internet Explorer 10 Pre-release for Windows Server 2008 R2 is now available

After releasing Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 10 Pre-release for Windows Server 2008 R2 and it is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Server 2008 […]

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Nokia Lumia 920 AT&T Review: Release Date and Price announced

Noka Lumia 920 is now officially on AT&T’s LTE network in US and you can buy one online from AT&T website. The flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone from Nokia comes with some superb features will are actually not available in […]

Microsoft building Xbox Surface, a 7-inch gaming tablet?

It looks like Microsoft is planning to manufacture a new gaming tablet which will measure around 7 inches. Various sources of news are confirming that planning and designing of the hardware is under process and most probably the name given […]

Android Turns Five, Celebrates Birthday!

5 years ago, it was this day when Google announced an open-source operating system called ‘Android’ . The operating system was based on a Linux kernel and was free to use for both device manufacturers and app developers. Years after, […]

Acer exec: Surface launch will be a “Hard Meal” for Microsoft

Microsoft launched the much-anticipated Surface tablet 10 days back. There has been a great response from the customers as tons of pieces of the tablet has already been sold out. The whole tech community wholeheartedly praised Microsoft’s decision of entering the hardware […]

Microsoft no longer features among the top 10 vulnerable products

Russian-based cyber security company, Kaspersky Labs the developers of Kaspersky Internet Security and other security software, has released its latest IT Threat Evolution Report. Some new and interesting findings have been revealed in the regular quarterly report. The report after taking […]

Is Apple about to lose a good section of their consumers?

Well, Apple is known to have a loyal group of consumers, supporting them in all their decisions. Whether it is the decision of launching iPad Mini or a newer version of iPhone or iOS – this section of consumers have […]


Microsoft finally starts shiping Surface to Germany, Canada & the UK

Surface, one of the most ambitious project of Microsoft, has been a big hit so far. Microsoft has managed to make a successful entry into the Tablet market, with an aim to rule the market. There has been a huge demand of the […]

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Windows 8? Microsoft Wants You To Migrate To Windows 7 For Now!

In its latest whitepaper, Microsoft has urged people to move over and leave Windows XP. Interestingly though, it did not ask people to migrate to Windows 8 and spoke very little  about it. Instead, it wanted people to move over […]