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Susannah Lindsay quit her job a few years back to settle down in a life of domesticity. She has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years, and enjoys following new gadget releases and the latest happenings on the technological front.

Security loophole emerges in Yahoo recycled Email IDs

In June this year Yahoo announced that it will be deactivating the email accounts which haven’t been used for past 6 months and will make them available to other users. Although their intention was all nice and noble, this however couldn’t […]

Avira Browser Safety Makes Browsing Safer

Till a few years ago, we browsed in a world where there was no need to worry about bogus adverts and PUP (Potential Unwanted Programs). The main reason of it was that our browsers didn’t had so many counterfeiting toolbars. […]

Microsoft lures nonprofits with Office 365 handout

Today Microsoft launched a new program which is aiming at providing its productivity suite, Office 365 to qualifying Nonprofit organizations for free or at a reduced price. Applicants representing Nonprofit and Non-government organizations from 41 countries around the world can […]

What’s next for Nokia? The Future Plans!

What we know so far is that Microsoft is acquiring all of Nokia’s devices, services business, patents and license of the Nokia brand for the coming next 10 years business for a paltry sum of 7.17 billion dollars. Apart from […]

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s devices, patents and small business

If you thought Steve Ballmer’s surprise announcement to leave Microsoft was a big surprise, you are in for another show today. In a startling turn of events, Microsoft has announced that they are acquiring all of Nokia’s devices, services business, […]

Office for Android finally arrives in Asian market

After about a month of its release in US market, the productivity suite from Microsoft, Office for Android platform has made its arrival in 14 Asian countries. The Android version and web edition offer programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. […]

SkyDrive brings support for OCR; can now extract text from images

In the last couple of weeks SkyDrive, the popular cloud storage service from Microsoft has added tons of new and exciting features into it. Today, in another minor update, SkyDrive has teamed up with Bing and added the OCR (optical […]

Orbit Downloader contains code for Denial of Service (DOS) attacks

The popular file downloading add-on Orbit Downloader has been reported to contain the code for a Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Orbit Downloader is a highly acknowledged download manager that lets you increase your downloads speed, and in addition, also offers […]

Windows Phone gets a full fledged 3rd party Instagram app

Shutterbugs among you have a reason to smile, as finally a free of charge, fully featured app for the popular image and video sharing social network Instagram has arrived on Windows Phone app store. Instagram app for Windows Phone The […]

Nokia Windows RT tablet to be unveiled on September 26th

After all the rumors, Nokia, which is known for making quality smartphones is supposedly planning to launch its first ever Windows RT tablet at some time in September. The Finnish giant manufacturer is going to debut its luck in the […]

Microsoft Blasts Google For Breaking Its YouTube App

A few hours ago Google blocked Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phone. Microsoft is obviously not happy about that. Following to the story, David Howard, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Litigation & Antitrust, Microsoft pinpoints the reasons for […]

Google blocks Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phone, again

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows between the two software giants Microsoft and Google. Last week Microsoft released its YouTube app for Windows Phone, and, it hasn’t even been 7 days, and just a few minutes ago, Google on the […]

Skype to come as an in-built tool in Windows 8.1

When Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, people started raising their eyebrows thinking what exactly Microsoft is up to. Two years later, after integrating it with Xbox One, Outlook’s desktop and the web version, today, Microsoft has finally announced that it […]

Windows 8.1 will release on 18th of October

For those who are waiting for the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has just announced that its latest free update to Windows 8 will start rolling out on 18th of October 2013. Windows 8.1 release date While Microsoft will be […]

ASUS dumps ARM; To discontinue the production of Windows RT tablets

One of the most popular OEM in computer world, Asustek Computer Inc has announced that it is putting a stop to any further Windows RT tablets production. It is no secret that Microsoft’s tablets – Surface RT and Surface Pro […]

Torrex brings BitTorent to Windows RT

The much longed quest to have a BitTorrent client on Windows RT has now come to an end, as Torrex Beta becomes available at the Windows app store. BitTorrent is infamous for snowballing piracy. With abundant BitTorrent clients available for all […]

About 80% of smartphones globally run on Android

Android running devices continue to show their dominance in the smartphone world. Based on the recent smartphone OS market share coming from IDC.  Android has done impressively well, and registered 73.5% rose of their previous quarter result to jump to […]

Outlook.com to delete Messaging History; save yours now!

If you use Outlook.com to chat with your friends over at Facebook, Messenger, Google Talk or any other popular instant messaging service, you may want to save your chat history. Outlook saves a copy of all the conversations you make […]

Google adds touch controls to Chrome’s Canary browser release

Google has hinted that it is working on building more support and compatibility for touch interfaces. In its recent most nightly Canary build, Chrome browser has included slide-to-navigate feature which essentially enables you to go backward and forward on a […]

Microsoft slashes Surface Pro price by $100

Microsoft has cut down the price of its premium tablet – Surface Pro by about $100. Both the 64GB and 128GB models are entitled for this discount. Notably, the rebate doesn’t seem to be made worldwide yet and can only […]

The Mainframe Behind Microsoft’s Modern OS, Windows NT turns 20

The first 32 bit version flavor of Windows, Microsoft Windows NT completed 20 years of its glorious existence last Saturday. Why does it matter? Well, for one thing because all the OS(s) that Microsoft has built since including Windows 7, […]

Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive as a result of settlement with BSkyB

Last month a TV broadcasting group BSkyB dragged Microsoft to court over copyright infringement of two of their UK registered trademarks named ‘SKY’. Though apart from the root word “Sky” both the services have nothing else common in between them. […]

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Microsoft sues Atlanta based company over Copyright Infringement issue

Declining offer for discussion, Microsoft Corp has filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against VertexPC company in U.S. District Court in Atlanta. The Buford-based company sells PCs and other computer equipment and software. Microsoft claims the hardware and the […]

IE10 share

IE10 more popular than IE9 in June 2013

Recent surveys have come up with a conclusion that users are liking IE10 more than IE9. As per the data captured by Net Applications, more and more PCs are moving to IE10 from its previous browser version IE9. According to […]

Microsoft may lose rights to the SkyDrive name as it loses trademark case

Microsoft lost a trademark battle against British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) at the UK’s high court in England and Wales for infringing the ‘Sky’ trademark. There will be another hearing in the presence of the presiding judge Justice Sarah Asplin for […]