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E3 2015: Will Microsoft Showcase Kinect Based Games?

Kinect is Microsoft’s failed motion capture camera that was intended to bring gamers into the future with the Xbox One. The camera failed, but is Microsoft willing to push it aside at this year’s E3? It’s been a very long […]

Microsoft and Duke University team up on new video game streaming tool

Streaming video games is considered as the future, which is why Microsoft has been working on ways to reduce the bandwidth desired to perform such a task. Apparently, the software giant has managed to reduce game streaming by 80 percent, […]

microsoft edge browser logo

Microsoft and Intel working together to improve Edge’s performance

Microsoft is working hard on its new browser, Edge, formally known as Project Spartan. The company is doing everything to make sure Edge performs well, even if it means working closely with Intel, the giant chipmaker. We understand that both […]

Would BlackBerry benefit Microsoft in any way?

Is a BlackBerry merger good for Microsoft? That’s the question on our lips today after rumors began to swirl of several companies making moves to gobble the Canadian corporation. We understand that Microsoft, Xiaomi, and several others are hot on […]

Microsoft making plans to kickstart Nigeria’s job market

Microsoft has been busy as of late. The company’s latest venture is working with job search website, Jobberman, to help stimulate Nigeria’s job market. Microsoft Nigeria to kickstart job market According to Olayinka Oni, national technology officer for Microsoft Nigeria, […]

Microsoft empowering people with disabilities via Ability Summit

Microsoft wants to empower people with disabilities. So far, every Surface product Microsoft has released is not really capable of allowing folks with disabilities to feel at home. The latest Surface tablet is capable of tracking the eye movement of […]

Microsoft Outlook.com to be powered by Office 365

Office 365 is the future of Microsoft on the web where the cloud is concerned, hence the reason why the company is making plans to move Outlook.com to Office 365. We should point out that this is just a backend […]

Windows 10

Windows Update for Business now available for IT professionals

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Update for Business. It is designed to make sure the devices of IT professionals are always kept updated with the latest software in order to beef up security and new features. Windows Update […]

Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 now available for download

Recently at Build 2015, Microsoft talked about Windows 10 on Embedded Devices, which includes the Raspberry Pi and several other devices. We’ve long known about plans to allow for Raspberry Pi support with Windows 10, but Microsoft had not made […]

Microsoft HoloLens is perfect for health, education and fitness

Microsoft highlighted several neat things about HoloLens at its BUILD 2015 keynote yesterday, and it made us very excited for the future. What truly got us talking, was when Microsoft demoed what HoloLens could be used for in the medical […]


Windows 10 to launch in late July according to AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su

Windows 10, the long-awaited Microsoft operating system, could hit store shelves in July if AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, is to be believed. She made the announcement in a company earning call last week, and for many reasons, it makes sense. […]

Microsoft cuts Xbox One UK price to 299 Pounds

Xbox One kicked its life off as the most expensive of the three next generation consoles. However, since then, the price has been slowly taking a nosedive to the point where the console is now going for under 300 pounds […]

5 ways Microsoft changed the World in 40 years

Microsoft has been around for the past 40 years. The company recently recently celebrated its anniversary and Bill Gates even sent out a letter to all employees, where he talked about how great the software giant is. How Microsoft changed […]

Quantum Break for Xbox One is delayed into 2016

The Xbox One video game lineup for 2015 looks beautiful, but now it is less so after Microsoft announced that the hotly anticipated title, Quantum Break, has been delayed into 2016. Quantum Break for Xbox One delayed This came as […]

Project Spartan is fast but not ready for Prime Time

Microsoft recently made Project Spartan available alongside the newest update of Windows 10. It is the company’s second web browser after Internet Explorer, and from hours of testing, we can only conclude that Spartan is not yet ready for prime […]

Microsoft looking to improve Xbox Live’s Cloud Streaming Service

Microsoft is looking improve its Xbox Live online service after the company posted two job listing seeking an engineer and designer with the skills to bring the service to the next level. The aim is to reinvent entertainment delivered by the […]

Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview is available for download

Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview is finally available for Windows Insiders to download. This is a huge boon for developers who want to get their hands on the new toolsets to get an idea of what Microsoft is planning. Visual […]


OneNote: Microsoft updates Clipper to Version 2.0

Microsoft is rolling out a significant update for OneNote that will enhance Clipper to Clipper v 2.0. The new update will make it easier for users to capture content on the web and place them within OneNote for future references. […]


Microsoft working on new Technology to combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a huge problem in several countries around the world. We’ve known this for decades, but for some reason authorities have found it difficult to get a hold of the situation, so what can be done? Non-governmental organizations, […]

High-End Windows Phone devices on hold until Windows 10 is complete

Microsoft has revealed several low-end Lumia devices at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but has yet to unveil models for the high-end spectrum of the market. We’ve always wondered why this is, but no longer as the company made […]