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Linux Foundation UEFI Secure Boot System released

UEFI Secure Boot System has now been released. This was released to Linux Foundation by Microsoft. This release will allow Linux to work on computers running UEFI firmware. “The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a specification that defines a […]

Twitter now haz Lolcat language option

U can nao change ur language 2 lolcat in Twittr Settings! Don’t be surprised reading the above sentence or the title for spelling and grammar. That’s how Lolcat language is supposed to be. Often accompanied by a Cat photo and […]

Microsoft launches the Surface Blog

Today the Official Surface Blog went live as Microsoft launched the Surface Blog with its inaugural post ‘Welcome to the Surface Blog’  by Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. We all are very much interested in knowing behind-the-scene stories […]

Microsoft to work on lowering Surface & Windows 8 tablets price points

Microsoft in its quarterly financial results, announced its quarterly revenue of $21.46 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2012. Later Peter Klein, Chief Financial Officer, Frank Brod, Chief Accounting Officer and Chris Suh, General Manager of Investor Relations hosted […]

Windows 8 Pro upgrade to cost $199.99 from Feb 1

Microsoft last year had announced its Windows 8 promotional offer. As you all know it is limited time offer, and is available till January 31st 2013. Microsoft today announced update on Windows 8 Pricing. Microsoft shared the pricing details for the […]

Flexible Display Windows Phone shown at CES 2013

Seems days are not far when we would see flexible, bendable displays in actual use. The concept of flexible, bendable screens have been there since some time, but now many organizations including Samsung which may even lead in this technology may provide […]

Messenger to officially retire on 15th March 2013

We had seen in our earlier post that Skype was being updated, to replace Windows Messenger and that Microsoft was phasing out Messenger in the first quarter of 2013 in all regions, except mainland China. The date has now been announced […]

Potatoes substitute for people in in-flight Wi-Fi testing

Did you know Potatoes are being used as unusual substitute for plane passengers for testing its in-flight Wi-Fi system? And that Boeing is using these humble Potatoes for testing? Many of the airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi on their flights and […]

Xbox slashes prices of popular Windows Phone games to 99 cents

To celebrate the New Year, Xbox has cut the prices of several popular Windows Phone games to just 99 cents. Get these games, enjoy big discounts and start playing to bump your gamerscore and gain new achievements during the Countdown […]

SkyDrive comes to Xbox – Watch your Photos and Videos on TV

Imagine what fun it’ll be as you snap a picture and it almost immediately appears on a big screen TV! Today Microsoft is adding more value to SkyDrive and Xbox customers with a new SkyDrive app for Xbox 360. This would […]

Twitter partners with Aviary to provide Photo Filters

Recently we have seen  that Instagram had disabled photo integration in Twitter. Twitter has been quick to react to this. They have announced its own photo filters feature. Now you will be able to edit and add filters to photos, […]

Instagram has disabled photo integration, confirms Twitter

Twitter user were  experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter since a couple of days. They were also complaining about Instagram pics that were present as Gallery cards earlier, were not being shown now. There were complaints of cropped […]

Microsoft announces Surface with Windows 8 Pro Pricing

It’s been more than a month now since Surface RT has been launched in the market. And we now know that Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be released in the market sometime in Jan 2013. Today some more information about it […]

Windows Division Head Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft!

This news has just broken…..Steven Sinofsky, the champion face we have been seeing on various Microsoft events including the Surface launch has left Microsoft! This is what the official Press release says: Microsoft Corp. today announced that Windows and Windows Live President […]

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Automatic upgradation of Hotmail to Outlook.com has started

Today as I signed into my Hotmail account using Hotmail.com, it was nice to see that my account had automatically upgraded to Outlook.com. Since the last two weeks Hotmail users were getting notifications mail that the upgrade will take place soon […]

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Blog about SkyDrive… and become a SkyDrive Ambassador !

Today the SkyDrive team tweeted something rather interesting about SkyDrive’s First Ambassador Program ! Here’s the tweet – Love to blog? Love SkyDrive? Get in on the action and become a SkyDrive Ambassador! bit.ly/MkLgrL — SkyDrive (@SkyDrive) July 13, 2012 SkyDrive Ambassador […]

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FAQ: Media Center and DVD playback support in Windows 8

Yesterday as Windows 8 blogged about Windows Media Center in Windows 8,  lots of people had many related questions on DVD playback support , media player and Media center in Windows 8. People had the query that – Why will […]

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Windows Phone gets center stage in the Hotmail sign-in page

In one of our earlier posts titled Hotmail updates its Sign-in page, Website and Help Center, we had posted that in the new Hotmail sign-in page, iPhone was given more attention as over 2 million iOS 5 devices are conneted to […]

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OneNote Mobile for Android available now!

Microsoft has released OneNote Mobile app for Android today. OneNote Mobile gives you instant access to your Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebooks on SkyDrive. “If you’re already using OneNote on your PC, the mobile versions of OneNote let you take your […]

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Hotmail decides to take Yahoo Mail head on; launches new website

With tons of new features in the new Hotmail, the Hotmail team is committed to making Hotmail the world’s best email service.  Microsoft has now decided to aggressively market the Hotmail brand and launched a new website has been launched […]