Best antivirus software for Windows Home User: 2018

Protecting your computer from viruses and malware is very important if you want to keep your files and personal data safe from hackers. The question is, then, which antivirus software is best for Windows 10? AVTest has released the findings of the antivirus software test for Home users and the results are surprising. Let’s take a look.

Best antivirus software for Windows Home User

best antivirus

Antivirus software with full Protection rating of 6:

  • Avira
  • Bitdefender
  • BullGuard
  • Kaspersky
  • eScan
  • Norton.

Each antivirus program from the above list have all 6 ratings right across the board, therefore, if you can afford to purchase these premium products, then go on right ahead. However, if you’re unable to afford the cash, then Windows Defender and the Avast Free Antivirus are perfect for the job because they’re not far off.

Every Windows 10 computer comes with Windows Defender as the default antivirus program, and according to the latest evaluation from the folks at AVTest, Windows Defender is not bad at all. In terms of protection, the product is rated 5.5 out of a maximum of 6. On the Performance side, the rating here is a 5.5, while it gets a full 6 stars when it comes down to Usability.

Clearly, this software has come a long way since the days of old. Microsoft has surely done a splendid job to improve Windows Defender into a tool that is more than capable of being your default protector for the entire life of your computer.

We suspect that in due time, folks won’t have to spend money on antivirus programs ever again because the free options are slowly becoming just as good. Only enterprise businesses may have to throw money around while home users live the dream.

Now, it should be noted that the latest AVTest evaluation took place in October of 2018. It should be interesting to see what changes in the months to come as vendors continue to improve their products.

By the way, did anyone remember a time when Norton antivirus was terrible? Now it ranks among the top. Malwarebytes, by the way, did not make their ‘Top’ list.

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  1. Anonymous Security Researcher

    If Kaspersky made it on the list then someone REALLY didn’t do their homework. Kaspersky is made by Kaspersky is made by Kaspersky Labs which is known to be connected back to Russia. It sends all user data back to Russia. It even says so in the EULA which no one bothers to read.

  2. Vamien

    Please do not bring your political nonsense to this place. Every anti-virus tool on this list collects information and send it back home. What’s the difference with information being sent to Russia vs the United States?

    Last time I checked, it was revealed several years ago that the United States government was spying on everyone including its own citizens. Do you remember Edward Snowden? You think his revelation was a lie?

  3. Anonymous Security Researcher

    It’s really quite simple BooBoo. I do this for a living.

    Edward Snowden was a way to get the American citizens to look over here while the government was doing something else behind the scenes over there.

    It actually does in fact matter where the data is sent due to privacy and data laws.

    Ever heard about GDPR, HIPAA, California Consumer Privacy Act, the Standards for The Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth? All of those dictate how data is to be shared, protected, encrypted, etc. Each state has requirements for data privacy and data security, those are just examples.

    But clearly, what do I know? I’m just someone who does this for a living.

  4. Vamien

    I do not care about your BooBoo or your DooDoo. You’re a weird one lol.

    Anyway, you can talk all you want, the U.S. government spied on its own people and the entire world. Spin the Snowdem truth as much as you like, but keep this in mind; TWC is not a U.S publication and we cater to readers from all around the world.

    Keep your propaganda to yourself, DooDoo!

  5. Anonymous Security Researcher

    And yet you cannot refute the second half of what I said because clearly you don’t know them.

    Don’t review what you don’t know. TWC might be for “all over the world” but unless it publishes the truth, which the readers have a right to, you are nothing more than someone with an uninformed opinion on the internet with no credentials writing about something you know nothing about.

    Do us all a favor and take a cybersecurity class and learn what it is really about before writing your next article okay little man?

  6. Vamien

    I do not have to refute anything. The moment you come here screaming about Russia is good enough for me. What kind of cybersecurity expert only singles out a single product because of where it comes from and gives the others a free pass when they also collect information.

    Not everyone has Russia-phobia or want to be manipulated by propaganda. Go and spread your nonsense elsewhere.

    I mean, should we all stop using Windows 10 because of the many privacy issues in the past? I guess if Windows 10 came from Russia you’d be singing a different tune. Hypocrite lol get out of here.

  7. Anonymous Security Researcher

    I point out one thing, you zig left to try and confuse, I point something else, you zag right because you know you’re still wrong. It’s so funny how ants acurry away from the big light.

    Here’s the reality, Windows has its own built in AV product. Period. Installing anything McAfee, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky, or any of the others you have listed on your list here is essentially saying that it is an inferior product.

    There is a reason that McAfee comes listed as bloatware. There is a reason that Kaspersky was rated as the worst AV product by actual security researchers, there is a reason why Norton is no longer recommended by Symantex to even be installed. They are resource hogs on the machine, they are hueristics based, do not actually procide up to date information and have one of the highest rates of failure when it comes to signature based detection on the market.

    Any actual malware analyst will tell you exactly how to get around antivirus because it is easy to do.

    There is a reason why Windows Defender is being utilized by top researchers rather than any of the products you have listed. It just works. No configuration necessary. No additional downloads, purchases. But you didn’t tell your readers any of that.

  8. Vamien

    I’m sorry, but you’re a propaganda spreader on the web, therefore, your words hold no power here. You can’t just switch from the fact that you tried to push your Russia agenda on this website.

    You were biased in your assessment by only singling out Kaspersky as the only AV program that collects information and sends it home. Listening to you is like listening to ants, and we can’t do that, can we? You get the drift.

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