Canada makes it illegal to install software on Computer without user consent

Cybercrime laws usually enact on a state or federal level and a new law enforcement in Canada states that it is illegal to install a software on an individual’s computer without consent. Which means no business/website can now install a software on anyone’s computer without their consent, states the new law forced in Canada on January 15, 2015. Furthermore, no website can even update any software on an individual’s PC without first obtaining user’s consent.


Late back in July 1, 2014, Parliament of Canada adopted an anti-spam legislation which basically protect the Canadian consumers from the online threats and spams. This new law is enforced as a part of this anti-spam legislature of Canada.

A detailed and spurring information sessions were aired across the country to help people understand this new law and its requirements. Being a Canadian consumer, if you notice any violation to the Canada’s anti-spam legislation around, you can report it to the Spam Reporting Center.

CRTC then send this report to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Competition Bureau to enforce this newly formed legislation. Any violation report if verified will undergo a serious investigation and monetary penalties.

Explaining the new law Manon Bombardier, Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer at CRTC said, “We have been actively informing Canadian businesses about the new requirements for installing computer programs and our goal is to ensure they comply with these new rules. We continue to work to protect Canadian consumers from spam and online threats and want to remind Canadians of the importance of reporting spam to the Spam Reporting Centre.”

Check out the complete fact sheet to know more about CASL enforced law.

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