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Microsoft bringing Word Flow keyboard to iOS

Microsoft’s love for other platforms outside of its sphere of influence is growing even stronger. The company is moving yet again to bring something from Windows Phone to Android and iOS, and we’re not sure how many fans are going […]

Windows 10 Mobile market share does not matter – Microsoft

Windows Phone at the moment is a failed platform that continues to fail, even more so after Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division. However, company CEO, Satya Nadella, seems to have a different view on things. The recent report shows that […]

Microsoft employee hints at new phone to compete with iPhone

It should be clear that whatever Microsoft is doing where Windows on smartphones is concerned, it is not working out. Windows 10 Mobile is a mess with all its bugs, but that is not stopping the American software giant. Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft Lumia 550

Microsoft launches Lumia 550, an affordable 4G LTE Smartphone

Technology giant Microsoft made an announcement today that it is introducing Lumia 550 an affordable 4G LTE smartphone that  runs on latest Windows 10 Mobile OS. The device is up for sale in select markets at a price tag of […]

Microsoft quietly releases Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.29

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Mobile build, but do not expect much from this update apart from a few bug fixes here and there. The build came as a surprise because the software giant did not make a […]

Download your Android Apps on Windows Phone via AppComparison

In the latest bid to educate its users more about the OS and increase its adoption widely, Microsoft rolled out an app called AppComparison. The app automatically inventories the applications, installed on the Android phone and also suggests equivalent versions, […]

Opera Mini for Windows Phone

Opera Mini for Windows Phone updated

Opera for Mobile is no longer a web browser most view as relevant in the smartphone world, but that is not stopping Opera Software from releasing updates, especially for Windows Phone devices. Opera Mini for Windows Phone The new update […]

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile strategy doomed to fail?

Microsoft is still making strange decisions when it comes down to its mobile initiative, and we do not know why. Every time the company releases a new device, they are exclusive to a single carrier in the United States for […]

Windows Phone Store becomes a target for scammers

It seems that it is not just Android Play store that is plagued by fake and malicious apps. Avast has uncovered a handful of fake apps from the Windows Store and the list of application includes popular services like Facebook, Messenger, […]

Microsoft releases Home Team app to help you search for local services

The team Microsoft Garage at Microsoft Corporation has recently come up with a new and unconventional app, Home Team for Windows Phone. You can now have a complete local directory right in your phone. With Home Team, the users can […]

Cyanogen CEO wants Cortana: Says Windows on mobile is dead

The CEO of Cyanogen is aiming to integrate Cortana into the popular fork operating system of Android. He claims that Cortana is an app that is in dire need of a home, and Cyanogen could be that place of Zen. […]

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile to bring new changes to Lumia apps

It’s almost time when Windows 10 Mobile is going to hit most of the Windows Phones. Microsoft Lumia, which is currently running Windows Phone 8.1, might soon get Windows 10 Mobile. However, before that, Microsoft sis making sure that the […]

Microsoft moves to regain mobile market share in India

Microsoft’s mobile market share in India is taking a nosedive ever since it bought Nokia’s hardware division. This is no doubt an enormous problem, which is why the company is taking steps to bring it to an end.  The company […]

Microsoft finally overcomes 8-year-old lawsuit to block sale of phones

Back in the year of 2007, Nokia was sued by a company that goes by the name, InterDigital. This company has claimed at the time that several Nokia handsets had infringed on patents covering 3G cellular technology. Since Microsoft went […]

Cortana for Android now available as Public Beta

Cortana for Android has now made available as Public beta. Early access to the Cortana the digital assistant for PC was made available in July for limited number of people for using Cortana on Android in a closed beta. And […]

Microsoft makes TwinsOrNot app available for Windows Phone devices

Microsoft has launched a TwinsOrNot app for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile devices. We’re not sure of the long-term here, but it’s a bit fun to use. The software giant has been investing a lot in facial recognition over […]

Microsoft willing to support Windows 10 Mobile alone if need be

Microsoft’s plan for Windows on smartphones is currently in shambles, but that doesn’t mean the company is planning to give up. In fact, CEO, Satya Nadella stated that if Microsoft is unable to get manufacturers on board, then the company […]

New Skype for Business App is now on Windows Phone

Microsoft has recently announced new Skype for Business app for Windows Phone. Back in November 2014, Microsoft unveiled Skype for Business as a Lync replacement and now Microsoft brings Skype for Business with its own dedicated Windows Phone app. Skype for […]

WhatsApp Calling on Windows Phone now available for all

Popular cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp has now rolled out voice calling feature for its Windows Phone client. The recent update to WhatsApp app on Windows Phone store read, WHATSAPP CALLING: Call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free, even if […]

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10136 released to Fast Ring

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview build 10136 on Fast ring today. Users who are upgrading to this build should note few very important things announced by Microsoft. This is being offered to Windows Phone Insiders […]

Critical Update for Lumia 930 Fixes Periodical Reboots

Although Windows Phone updates claim to make your phone better, they are sometimes plagued with unforeseen issues. For instance, there was an issue with Microsoft Lumia 930 that would cause the smartphone to periodically reboot it in certain circumstances. Fortunately, […]

Car2Go, The Rental Service, coming to Windows Phone this Summer

Following the roll-out of the application for iOS and Android smartphones, Car2Go – the rental service has announced plans to launch an official app on Windows Phone too, later this summer. The app is still in the nascent stage of […]