Google launches; Experience Google in reverse

Google has launched, a service that shows Google in reverse. The launch came around April Fools’ day. It is not clear however that if the new service is just for fun or is related to April Fool Day. The site even redirects you to your local Google website. For example, Google India is being displayed as “elgooG aidnI“. Of course, the letters too are inverted in the logo.


When you type anything in the page, it also shows auto suggestions. These auto suggestions too are being shown in reverse – inverted and mirrored. Even the letters typed in the Google search bar are inverted thereby creating confusion as to what you are typing. The text you type in the text search bar goes from right to left just like the Middle East languages – even though you are typing in it using the English language.

The results too are shown inverted. The text description comes above in inverted characters – reading right to left as opposed to the standard reading left to right. Then comes the URLs leading to the search result pages which too are in inverted form.

Among all top-level domains, we know that .google is not one of them. Google is using some sort of masking or any other technique to keep the website alive. The reason for creating such a page is just to provide fun and to challenge the users to read what is imprinted inverted. The technique of inverted reading has been proposed by many scholars to improve the speed of reading English or any other language but that does not seem to be an objective here.

reverse google

Google has been up for pranks for past many years. There are pages at Google or rather at that are not known to many and are fun to use. Check out some hidden fun Google pages at this link. Another fun Google page is Gravity where things like text boxes and search buttons come tumbling down as if acting under the power of gravity.

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