Dropbox App for Windows Phone is here

Last Year, when Dropbox announced its partnership with Microsoft; the welfare that it brought for the users was Dropbox integration with Microsoft Office. This enables the users to select between Dropbox or Skydrive for saving their files or folders in the cloud. After the partnership, the next step was the announcement of Dropbox App for Windows Phone.

Dropbox app for Windows Phone

Dropbox app

With Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter, now Microsoft has also launched Dropbox app for the Windows Phone. Dropbox app was one of the important and useful applications that was absent from the Windows App store.  But, now the app has come with a complete set of features.

This new app will provide you with all the major features such automatic photo backups, easy access to your favorite file, both online or offline, and access to your personal and work account at the same time. You can protect your Dropbox App by setting up a pin. You can also delete, rename and receive a link using this app for sharing purpose.

Dropbox app allows you to fetch your photos, documents and videos from anywhere and share them with others. The files or folders that are saved  in your Dropbox will sync to Dropbox servers, and then you can access them from your Windows Phone.

With interactive User Interface for Windows PCs, it is definitely good to see the same kind of UI for Windows Phone. Though it has taken a lot of time to move from desktop to Phone, but it is finally here and you will be impressed by this App. For fast and rapid access of Dropbox, you can pin any specific Dropbox folder to your Windows Phone screen. Dropbox App can easily fit in with other tiles on your Start Screen.

Dropbox is now available in the Windows App Store. If your Windows Phone is updated with 8.0 or 8.1 version, you can download it from here. It comes with a size of just 3MB. The app is ad-supported, but you can remove it with a purchase of $1.29.

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