Firefox 23 sport Built-in Share Button on Desktop & Awesome Screen on Android

Mozilla has updated its browser Firefox for desktop and Android platforms. The new version as expected brings many new features, and not so much anticipated a new logo as well.

New logo of Firefox

Speaking of what’s new in Firefox, the desktop version has integrated a new share button through which users can share content with their friends just in one click. The feature works on all web pages and doesn’t particularly require the website to exhibit the typical Facebook code to be able to perform sharing.

Sharing from with Firefox

The other noteworthy addition is that Firefox has enabled mixed content blocker which gives hard time for attackers to get their vicious and non-secure (HTTP) codes run on the browser. The control over mixed type of content is rather useful as they can intrude  unsecure pages from a secured connection. The feature was first spotted on Firefox 23 beta which released in their Nightly last month.

Network Monitor in Firefox 23

Another useful addition is Network Monitor. The Network Monitor makes it easy for you to find how a website is rendering on your computer with details churned via several technical parameters. The monitor helps you find out how much time various layouts and elements are taking to appear on the browser and the address from which it is being fetched. In addition to that, you can also find the file type and size of elements that are been displayed on Firefox.

Once you have updated the browser, you won’t find the annoying “Enable JavaScript” preference checkbox. Along with several security fixes, the browser has also strengthen its support to play H.264 files for Windows Vista users.
Another interesting thing in this version of Firefox is the omission of blink tags. The blink tag, as the suggests is the text or other media content that used to blink, well, once the update has been made, there won’t be any blinks.

Like the desktop version, the Android version too has a new logo. The most interesting new feature of it is the new personalized page which they are calling Awesome Screen, which essentially autocompletes the URLs, as-you-type them.

The new “Switch to tab” option lets you switch to any open tab from the Awesome Screen without having to open any duplicated tabs. It also hides the navigation bar when not in use. Borrowing from the Opera mobile, the new Firefox has brought support for subscribing RSS feeds with a long-tap in the address bar.

Both the updates are now publicly available, you may download the desktop version from their official website and the new Android version can be downloaded from the PlayStore.

Susannah Lindsay quit her job a few years back to settle down in a life of domesticity. She has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years, and enjoys following new gadget releases and the latest happenings on the technological front.