Firefox 6 Beta and Firefox 7 Aurora to release the same day!

Now this is hilarious! Firefox announced that it shall release the Firefox 6 version in beta mode on 5th July 2011, just 13 days after releasing the final version of Firefox 5. If this was not enough, then Firefox also announced that it shall release the Aurora version of Firefox 7 the same day! YES you heard it right! The same day implies 5th July 2011.


User’s had hardly switched over to Firefox 5 with many still duly using Firefox 4, when they need to undergo this harassment of updating the browser again in less than a fortnight!

I seriously repeat as in my previous article … What is the Firefox team up to?

Do they really want to lose their effective user-base while hastily implementing their ‘Rapid Development Cycle?’

Though the Aurora version is meant mainly for the developers and wont be as stable as the beta/final versions but still releasing two versions on the same day in such a small time frame is similar to a movie producer, having released a movie a week earlier, releasing his two movies the same day and expecting one to beat the other and vice-versa in order to make maximum gains. Totally hilarious!

By the time this article gets posted, the Firefox beta version will be out and so will be the Firefox 7 Aurora version the same day. With recent stats showing a drop in the Firefox user share, this ideology of implementing its ‘rapid development cycle’ may prove to be a bit too costly for Mozilla Firefox, with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome sharpening their claws, ever ready to eat into its user share.

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