Lumia 640 and Lumia 650 beat iPhone 6s in Danish cellular signal test

Nokia has been, since eternity, known to provide legendary cellular connectivity for their sturdy handsets. Carrying on the legacy, Microsoft Mobile seems to have not made any compromises when it comes to technical proficiency.

Lumia 640 & Lumia 650 fair well in Danish cellular signal test

Danish cellular signal test

According to this Phone Signal test done by the official Danish Energy Agency and Nordic Telecommunications Administrations, an independent test for 26 mainstream smartphones revealed that the Microsoft Lumia 640 and the Lumia 650 faired pretty well in terms of Voice service (left hand), Voice service (right hand) and Data service.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were mostly in the bottom parts of the lists as they have also been previously criticized for compromising on cellular quality.

Although, there is a major area of concern; Microsoft’s current flagship model – Lumia 950 – seems to have done poorly, not taking due advantage of the Nokia legacy.


This study investigates the antenna performance of a number of mobile phones widely used in the Nordic Countries and is based on the mobile systems in the Nordic mobile networks and on both speech and data services.

In order to ensure a connection between the mobile phone and the base station, a link is needed both from the phone to the base station (the phone is transmitting and the base station is receiving) and from the base station to the mobile phone (the base station is transmitting and the mobile phone is receiving).

The weakest link determines the quality of the connection, and thereby also the coverage. For voice service, the weakest link is typically the link from the mobile phone to the base station, called the uplink by mobile network operators. For data services, the weakest link is the downlink according to information received from the Danish Energy Agency.

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Therefore, the current study focuses on the transmitter performance for voice service and the receiver performance for data mode, as these are the crucial links in weak radio signal conditions.


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