Microsoft Launches New Automated Troubleshooting Services

Microsoft’s Fix It Blog has launched a new Automated Troubleshooting Services for Windows. With one click, Microsoft can now detect problems on your machine and automatically fix any common problems that are found.

Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services

MS Troubleshooting

Once you download the 519 KB, and run it, it will first download and install the Microsoft ATS engine.

To detect and fix your problems, simply click on the Run Now button.

How to Run:

After you have downloaded the file, click the Run button to launch the file
Click the Continue and/or Allow button to proceed

How it works:

Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services scans your computer and detects the root causes of common problems, then automatically fixes the problems that it finds, and Offers additional resources if the problem isn’t fixed.

To begin with, a select number of common problems have been addressed, but more are on its way.

New diagnose and repair solutions:

Windows Vista Aero Glass visual effects are not working
Automatically diagnose and repair problems when the visual Aero Glass effects, themes, and transparencies are not working on your computer.

Printing problems and printing errors
Automatically diagnose and repair when you cannot print, or for problems installing a printer, connecting to a network printer and related errors.

Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media
Automatically diagnose and repair problems with your CD or DVD drive when trying to read or burn media in Windows Vista.

Hardware devices not detected or not working
Automatically diagnose and repair problems when the device manager does not detect your hardware, audio, USB and other devices, or when your devices are disabled or not working.

Problems with sound and audio or no sound
Automatically diagnose and repair problems with sound and audio on your computer or when your computer does not play sound.

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Do note that this Automated Troubleshooting Services is valid for Windows Vista & XP only. The reason Windows 7 has been excluded is probably because it already has native troubleshooting support. But hey, you can always use them in Windows 7 too!

Thanks manekari, for the heads up.

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