Outlook.com lets you share large files from OneDrive directly

It was always a bit tricky when you wanted to send large files as email attachments. Large files may be too large to attach or takes too long to upload  and send and sometimes it may even bounce back without reaching the recipient. Outlook.com team had this in mind and provided a feature so as the user does not have to face such problems. Just last month we had seen Microsoft announcing about OneDrive  getting 10 GB file support. That means you can now upload files upto 10 GB. Now how to take advantage of this cool feature?

Now with ‘Share from OneDrive’ option, one can share large files on OneDrive directly from Outlook.com. You can share your large files, photos, documents and videos or whatever stored on OneDrive directly from Outlook.com securely. So one can share files up to 10GB via email by using this feature in Outlook.com. With increase in file size limit, one can make use of it and can share larger files via email without having to face attachments problems.

Sending large files as email attachments has always been tricky: They can take a long time to upload and send, and may bounce back, never reaching the recipient. We had this in mind when we created the Share from OneDrive feature—we wanted to provide customers with a way to easily avoid these problems, while still being able to share their files, said Microsoft.

Sharing large files from OneDrive directly from Outlook.com

Make sure that these large files are uploaded to OneDrive. One can do this by opening OneDrive.com and just dragging and dropping the files from the desktop. Now once they are fully uploaded to OneDrive, one can share it from Outlook.com. While composing a new Email, you’ll have the option of Insert > Share from OneDrive


Just browse to find the files on OneDrive to share, select the files and click Open and complete the email in normal way. The recipient will be able to view it or download them just like any other attachment.  So if you again want to send them to different user, you do not have to upload to attach, just use Share from OneDrive option.

Here’s the video of the same showing How to Share from OneDrive in Outlook.com.

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