Latest Surface 2 news.

Microsoft fixes the Surface 2 BitLocker recovery key bug

Microsoft has finally issued an update to fix the much talked of BitLocker issue in Surface 2 tablets. The problem made some of its users to put the BitLocker key every time they restarted their device, powered it on, or […]

Microsoft quietly upgrades Surface Pro 2 Processor

Did you purchase a new Surface Pro 2 this holiday season? Chances are the one you have on your hand has a faster processor than what was sold a few months ago. Microsoft has quietly upped the Surface Pro 2 […]

Surface team answers questions about Surface 2 at Reddit AMA

After unveiling Surface 2 yesterday, Panos Panay, Corporate VP of Surface along with Julie Larson Green and his team of engineers and designers involved in design and development of Surface were on  Reddit AMA and answered different queries and shared some […]