Latest Windows 8 Store news.

Official Roku App, now available for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8

A new app from a top-notch video service is now added to the Windows Store. Roku owners will now be able to download the free remote control on their Windows Phones and other touchscreen Windows devices. The official Roku app […]

Microsoft Sudoku is now available in Windows Store

If you are a Windows user and a Sudoku fan, Microsoft has some good news for you. Microsoft has released a new Sudoku app for Windows devices. The logic puzzle game Sudoku is now available in the Windows Store for […]

Microsoft Corporation Launches Windows Store Partner Directory

Microsoft Corporation recently launched Windows Store Partner Directory which is a list of first and third party services for its app developers. This initiative by the corporation is a proof that it does not want to monopolize its services and wishes to […]

Best Buy to open hundreds of Windows Stores within their stores

The Best Buy Co. Inc. together with Microsoft Corp. recently announced the creation of Windows Store at Best Buy outlets. Now you will see nearly 500 Best Buy stores donned by these Windows ‘store-within-store’. Those who want to try and buy […]

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Windows 8 Store expands to include 33 new markets

Windows 8 users will be aware that the Windows Store is a great place to browse for and download apps for Windows 8. While some apps a free apss, there are even paid apps, ranging from $0.99 to even $999. Microsoft […]

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Anatomy, design and promotion principles of Windows 8 Store

Windows 8 Store is the result of a reimagined Microsoft-developer partnership providing a new dimension to it. It will provide a large economic opportunity to as many of developers as possible by providing a direct delivery method to the innovation and […]

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Coming Soon: Windows 8 Store

After the release and record-breaking download count of Windows 8 Developer Preview, we can easily calculate the keen interest of users in this upcoming operating system. Windows 8 has some built-in applications but when you try to get to the Windows […]