Latest Windows Phone 7 news.

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Windows Phone 7 unlocker ChevronWP7 axed

A few days back a Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool, ChevronWP7 was released. This tool allowed WP7 users to unlock their phones to deploy any third-party Windows Phone 7 applications without requiring a Marketplace developer account.

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Windows Phone 7 Rockstar Winners announced

The Windows Phone 7 Rockstar Award contest was started a few months back and was aimed at all the aspiring community of developer students all over the globe. There were a total of 131 entries which were designed either using […]

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Windows Phone 7 design – Dell Lightning

The long wait is finally over. We all have been tweaking, searching and reading about Windows Phone 7 all over the web but none of were actually aware about the exact prototype design of WP7 by any mobile making company […]