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Windows Notepad is now available on Microsoft Store

Microsoft recently made the Windows Notepad available on the Microsoft Store. Windows Notepad is one of the oldest text editors in Windows, yet not very commonly used. Rather, for users who couldn’t buy MS Office, Wordpad became a suitable replacement […]

Windows Terminal is now available on the Microsoft Store

Windows Terminal, the modern avatar of the Command Prompt, is now available in the Microsoft Store. While Command Prompt, Power Shell, and other terminals are going to stay, but with Windows Terminal, Microsoft has put up a command line interface […]

Microsoft removes Office from Windows Store

Windows users have been complaining that the Microsoft Office is not available for download on Microsoft Store. The users are being redirected to the Office website which in turn forces them to use the classic installer. The biggest downside of […]

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Microsoft Store to close down its Books category

Microsoft has decided to close down its Books platform. The worst part is that all books will be deleted from the cloud and this includes the ones purchased by users. However, Microsoft is issuing a $25 credit if you have […]

8 Cryptojacking apps removed from the Microsoft Store

Are Windows 10 apps safe? Are apps safe simply because they are on the Microsoft Store? Well, cybersecurity firm Symantec has reported that eight apps on the Microsoft Store were engaged in Cryptojacking. Cryptojacking is the malicious practice of using […]

Python is now available for download on the Microsoft Store

Terry Myerson, the former Vice President for the Windows 10 team at Microsoft, cleared their intentions of making Windows 10 ‘the best damn dev box on the planet’. Working on this vision, they have made more and more developer related tools […]

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Microsoft starts making paid Fonts available in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has been quietly preparing a new version of Windows 10 that is due to be released in the very near future (anticipated in April) and is codenamed Redstone 4. Under the new update, it is predicted that Microsoft will […]

Progressive Web Apps

Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 now support Progressive Web Apps

Microsoft has always been a victim of not having much useful and updated apps in their Microsoft Store. Now, in order to overcome this Microsoft is using a new strategy and bringing support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on Microsoft […]

Game Emulators banned from the Windows Store

Microsoft’s new Windows store rule states that Apps that emulate a game system are not allowed on any device thereby ending the era of Game emulators from its store platform. The company updated its policies and was quick to implement […]

Desktop applications start appearing in the Windows Store

After much waiting, Microsoft unveiled Desktop App Converter – a tool that would allow third-party app developers to migrate their apps or games to Windows 10 devices.The idea was floated a  few months ago, during Build 2016, when Microsoft acknowledged […]

Forza Motorsports 6: Apex now fully available via the Windows Store

Microsoft has finally launched the full version of Forza Motorsports 6: Apex for Windows 10. The game is free to play and can be downloaded right now via the Windows Store. An update was also announced for the game that […]

Microsoft updates Windows Store to show Game Clips

Microsoft is moving to make the Windows Store the best place for apps and games when it comes down to Windows 10 and any future versions of the operating system. With this being the plan, the company has updated the […]

Microsoft has some exciting offers for you in the Windows Store

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is almost ready for its public release. Announced back in the month of June, Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled for a public release on August 2nd and Microsoft recently shared the features and offers you […]

Microsoft working to fix Windows Store issues for small developers

Microsoft is working to improve the Windows Store in Windows 10 after getting feedback from some developers. The new improvements is all about improving apps visibility in the store and changing the ways reviews are presented. Windows Store issues to […]

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals offers Groove Music $50 Promo Gift Card

It’s raining deals ever since Microsoft 12 Days of Deals began. Buyers are in a dilemma as to which deals to look forward to over the next few days. Midway through the deals promotion, we learned the software giant was […]

Windows Phone Store becomes a target for scammers

It seems that it is not just Android Play store that is plagued by fake and malicious apps. Avast has uncovered a handful of fake apps from the Windows Store and the list of application includes popular services like Facebook, Messenger, […]

Microsoft adds Music to Windows 10 Unified Store

After adding several new updates, navigation improvement and features, Microsoft now adds the music section to its Unified Store Experience in Windows 10 Insider Preview. Back in the month of April, the company added Movies and TV Unified Windows 10 […]

One big Store for all digital content, says Microsoft

As more and more details about Windows 10 are announced out, new ways for building more personal mobile experiences are surfacing. We just learned that Microsoft is exposing a number of ways to make it easier for developers to bring […]

Unified Windows 10 Store brings Music, Movies and TV

Microsoft’s Windows 10 team on their blog, made an announcement that the unified Windows Store is bringing support to music, movies and TV shows for purchase and access across all Windows 10 devices. The unified store in Windows 10 will […]

Windows Store Refreshed for Windows 8.1

Windows users having Windows 8.1 Update installed on their machines or devices are qualified to get Windows Store Refresh, beginning from today in Windows Update. Why a refresh now? For once, you will agree, although Windows Store has a healthy […]

Windows Store in Windows 8.1 gets another update

If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 , you must have noticed the updated Windows Store with its new look. Apart from the new look, in this post, we will talk about the other changes in Windows 8.1 Store. Store […]

Windows RT 8.1 update pulled off from Windows Store

Last week Microsoft released its brand new operating system Windows 8.1 for its desktop and tablet devices. After receiving pretty good reviews from the users and tech pundits, when things seemed like going in favor of the software giant, just […]

Windows 8 Store apps count crosses 100,000

Windows Store, the only source of Windows 8 apps has now set a record of passing 100,000 apps mark. It was just around a week before when Microsoft acclaimed that Windows Store will reach the 100K apps mark soon during […]

Fake VLC App appears in the Windows Store – Now taken down!

VLC Media Player has been one of the best media players for Windows. And trying to cash that popularity, a developer has came up with an app named “VLC Media Player 8”, trying to create a confusion in the mind of users […]

Windows Store security compromised by a hacking tool

A Windows Store hacking tool has been released, that allows users to hack into Windows Store and convert trial versions of apps into full versions. The Windows Store offers paid as well as free apps for Windows 8. The paid […]

Windows Store crosses more than 20K Windows 8 apps…or is it 13K?

It’s been exactly a month since Windows 8 was launched publicly for consumers all over the world and has had a steady run when sales figures are considered. However, much before the launch date, developers were busy burning the midnight […]