The Economic Impact of Microsoft’s Windows 7, Worldwide

Windows 7, Microsoft’s follow-on to Windows Vista, will become commercially available in October 2009. For Microsoft, the launch of Window 7 suggests strong growth in client operating systems again.  But the impact of Windows 7 will reach far beyond Microsoft, driving revenues and growth for many of the IT companies worldwide that sell hardware, write software, provide IT services, or serve as IT distribution channels. 



The IDC research  indicates that:

– By the end of 2010, more than 7 million people worldwide in the IT industry and at IT using organizations will be working with Window 7, or 19% of the global IT workforce.
– The 350,000-plus IT companies that produce, sell, or distribute products or services running on Windows 7 will employ 3 million; another 4 million will be employed at IT-using firms. 
– For every dollar of Microsoft revenue from launch in October 2009 to the end of 2010 from Windows 7, the ecosystem beyond Microsoft will reap $18.52.
– During that period, this ecosystem will sell more than  $320 billion in  products and services revolving around Windows 7.  
Look at it in other way:

In 2010: Nearly 49.5% (58 million copies) of Windows 7 will be sold to corporations. 15% (18% million) Vista will be sold

In 2011: Windows 7 will be used by nearly 75% Windows users. Vista will drop to 0 .5%.

In 2012: Vista will completely disappear while XP will still maintain 15%

Download pdf report from Microsoft.

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  1. anonymous

    I think XP will not fall below the majority for a long time to come. It’s going to be hard for Windows 7 to overtake Windows XP.

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