Twitter provides new ways to search

Twitter apps for iOS and Android were updated which will make it much easier to find what’s happening on Twitter of your likings. New filters are provided now in Search which will help you quickly find the Tweets, people you were looking for. Apart from this you now have the option to toggle between Top tweets and All tweets of your search results.

TwitterSearch1.pngApart from choosing between Top Tweets and All Tweets, one can further refine the results with various choices. Just click on the symbol besides the search box shown in the above pic, and you’ll see the option to refine results.


You can use the Photo filter to get tweets with photos, and that too provide option to display in grid or list layout.


You can also filter the results to show Tweets from only the people you follow. You can even filter for videos, news.


Apart from this, Twitter is also making it easier to find out more about trends and events. In Discover a new Trending Timeline is provided which shows you trends along with associated tweets. For users in United States, you can also see trending TV shows and nearby events from anywhere in the world. So if you are an Android or iOS user, check these features by getting the update to Twitter app. You can download this update from Google Play or the App Store.

Hope to see these features also in Windows Phone soon.

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