Disqus gains popularity, hits billion unique visitors a month

Congratulations to Disqus as their network hit a billion monthly unique visitors. The growth figures disclosed on the company’s blog reveals that monthly unique visitors have doubled in last two years and is growing at a rate of 1.5 million new users each month.


A unique global comment platform of its own kind that improves discussions on websites and connects conversations across the web, Disqus mentioned some interesting facts supporting growth figure such as:

  • 7 billion monthly page views
  • 100 million user profiles
  • 2.5 million site installs
  • 1 million WordPress plug-in downloads

Along with the announcement of 100 million profile hits the company came up with an interesting launch called as AudienceSync. AudienceSync empowers publishers to sync Disqus’s profile data with their own users’ information, in order to grow their audience.

Disqus 2

Quotes from the company blog

It removes the barrier between growing an audience through a large discussion platform like Disqus with over 100 million profiles, and meeting site-specific registration requirements”.

Following on the same lines of Facebook and Google+, AudienceSync helps both users and publishers. Disqus users are looking for a way to participate in additional   discussions across the Web using a single log-in ID — Disqus is the preferred option by users by an “overwhelming majority”, according to the company, to log into the commenting service.

Advantage Publishers

AudienceSync is particularly good for publishers because it allows them to build upon their marketing and advertising efforts by aggregating more data about their users through Disqus.

So if you analyze, AudienceSync allows users develop an intimate relationship with their commenters, which is a great idea for building community and supporting engagement, but on the flip side publishers can lose some commenters who don’t want to share their information or don’t have the time to complete the flow.


I would say AudienceSync has more to offer for publishers, because it allows them to access Disqus database that has been installed on over 2.5 million sites and has over 100 million commenter profiles – one of the largest discussion platform of its kind.

Leaving registration hassles aside – AudienceSync is just opposite to Disqus Single Sign-On – through a simple click registered Disqus users just have to grant access to their basic Disqus account information and publishers require just that to create an account for them. To start with AudienceSync first you have to sign up with Disqus.

Disqus also announced that it continues to see more traffic coming to its network every day, thereby more content, more sign ups and future opportunities to analyze what people discuss.

This site uses the Disqus commenting system and I too am a satisfied user of Disqus. What is your take on Disqus?

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