Quick Searches

Windows 10 Quick Searches goes International

A new update for Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings has expanded Quick Searches feature to a larger audience. The new Quick Searches experience in Windows 10 is now available to users across Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, […]

Microsoft Security Essentials support to end on 14 January 14

Microsoft Security Essentials support to end on 14 January 14

Windows 10 comes preloaded with Windows Security, which has come a long way. The first version goes back to Microsoft Security Essentials, which was introduced in Windows 7. Now that Windows 7 support is coming to end of life, the […]

Microsoft Teams for Linux

Microsoft Teams now available for Linux in Preview

As a part of its outreach program, Microsoft Teams is now available for Linux too. With this, it also becomes the first Office app to be available for the Linux platform. Microsoft says that Microsoft Teams for Linux will support […]

Chrome Warn Data Breach

Chrome to warn users when username and password gets compromised

Many of us Google Password manager to store and auto-fill username and password when using Chrome. It works on mobile, which makes it very convenient. If you are using it, make sure to protect it with 2FA protection. That said, […]

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

New cross-platform Microsoft Edge Release Candidate is now available

The Release Candidate of the new Microsoft Edge web browser that is based on Chromium, is finally available. Now, what’s great about this browser is the fact that it is now cross-platform, which means, it should now be usable on […]

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

Microsoft Edge starts moving towards open source collaboration

Most of the commercial projects today actively engage in open source projects since it lowers the barriers to adoption and collaboration. Moreover, it allows people to spread and improve projects quickly. Sensing its benefits, bigwigs like Microsoft are increasing their […]

use leaked passwords Microsoft accounts

44 million use leaked passwords on Microsoft Accounts, says report

Managing passwords can be a tricky thing, especially now that everyone has accounts on so many services on the internet. Due to this, the same password gets used in multiple accounts. On top of that, many users use a password […]

Surface Book Battery Swelling

Swollen Surface batteries issues are being reported

It’s important for an enterprise of the size of Microsoft to understand how customers view their ownership journey with its products. So far, its been good but any unfortunate incident can turn this relationship hostile. The latest case of Microsoft […]

Windows 10

Microsoft to start pushing v1909 on Windows 10 running v1809

Keeping in mind how users stay on the older version for long, Microsoft is making sure the same thing doesn’t happen with Windows 10.  One of the recent feature updates in Windows 10 gave end-users the option to download updates […]

Picture-In-Picture mode in Firefox

Firefox gets Picture-in-Picture mode and Enhanced Tracking Protection

Firefox 71 introduces Picture-in-Picture or PIP mode on Windows OS version and the updated Firefox mobile version comes with Enhanced Tracking Protection. Just a few days ago Mozilla had released a newer version of the Firefox browser and named it […]

.NET Core 3.1 release

Microsoft rolls out final version of .NET Core 3.1

The open-source, general-purpose development platform .NET Core 3.1 is finally out. The new version focuses on 2 big features, highlighted earlier in the release of .NET Core 3.0 earlier this fall namely- Blazor (for C# Web development instead of JavaScript) […]

Google Photos sharing feature

Google Photos integrates new photo-sharing feature

As the world of technology continues to advance, Google can’t stop but add new features to its services and products. The latest update coming to Google Photos app, on both mobile and on the web will add the ability to […]

trackers list Edge Windows

Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge gets even better

Like Firefox, Microsoft’s new Edge is improving its efforts for Tracking Prevention. These trackers include anything which creates a profile of the user and keeps a track on pages they visit on the internet. In the recent announcement by the […]

Avast Software

Mozilla disables all Firefox Avast extensions from its Add-ons page

Besides offering various options to protect the online privacy of its users, Avast web browser extensions improve the overall experience when browsing the Internet. But, in an attempt to do so, the company has been found to gather information about […]

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) are now available

Microsoft announced support for Windows 7 to end on January 14, 2020, but they also opened up a subscription model for those who still can’t move onto Windows 10. Many businesses are running on Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise, and […]

Intune Adoption kit

Intune Adoption Kit is now available for download

Time has changed! The modern era of corporate connectivity now allows its employees to access to files from any location and any device. This has enabled great consumer experiences at work. However, it has also raised the risks of threats […]

Bing 2020 US Elections Experience

Bing 2020 US Elections Experience launched

Ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, Bing has come up with the idea of providing netizens an easy and quick way to get all information related to the elections. The new offering named Bing 2020 US Elections Experience, currently […]

hakbit Decryptor Free Emsisoft

Hakbit Ransomware will change your wallpaper – Decryptor released

Hakbit is another Ransomware that has been reported to infect multiple users, both home and business users. While the majority of the victims are from the US and Europe, it can reach anywhere unless you are careful. What is different […]

Windows 10

Security Configuration Baseline Settings for Windows 10 v1909 now available

Stressing on the need of adopting a streamlined and efficient approach for its baseline definition, Microsoft has announced the final release of the Security Configuration Baseline Settings. The settings are available for both – Windows 10 v1909 and Windows Server […]

Coalition Against Stalkerware

Security companies come together to form Coalition Against Stalkerware

A severest crisis can be dealt with and overcome by displaying strength in unity. The problem of stalkerware and its rising menace finds a solution in this line. Many security firms have joined hands together to form a coalition against […]

add markers on Google Earth

Google Earth now lets you create your own maps and stories

Google Earth is one of the most impressive products from Google. It has helped millions of people visualize how places look like without being physically there.  I have personally used it to show my kid what he has been reading […]

Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy wearable

Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy wearable now available

There’s now a dedicated Microsoft Outlook app available for the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy wearable is free for use and can be downloaded directly from the Samsung Galaxy App Store. Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy […]

Microsoft to support DNS over HTTPS on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it is planning to integrate DNS over HTTP for Windows 10 starting from November 2019. The company believes that by supporting encrypted DNS queries in Windows, one of the last remaining plain-text domain name transmission will […]

Support for Cortana app on Android and iOS to end soon

The software giant – Microsoft has confirmed the news of phasing out its virtual assistant service, Cortana from Android and iOS platforms. The company also mentioned that an updated version of Microsoft Launcher without Cortana will be launched, soon. So, […]

Xbox Game Pass Games

Microsoft announces new games for Xbox Games pass and Holiday Offer

Microsoft made some big announcements when it comes to gaming in its annual Xbox Event, Inside Xbox, which was majorly dominated by new Xbox Game IPs.  It includes over ten Xbox Game Studios game, three brand new games revealed for […]

Windows Community Toolkit v6 arrives with some new improvements

The new update for the Windows Community Toolkit v6.0 is out. You can get the preview of the latest features by installing the sample App from the Microsoft Store. It demonstrates the kit’s custom controls and other features. Windows Community […]