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Microsoft Teams for Linux

Microsoft Teams now available for Linux in Preview

As a part of its outreach program, Microsoft Teams is now available for Linux too. With this, it also becomes the first Office app to be available for the Linux platform. Microsoft says that Microsoft Teams for Linux will support […]

Chrome Warn Data Breach

Chrome to warn users when username and password gets compromised

Many of us Google Password manager to store and auto-fill username and password when using Chrome. It works on mobile, which makes it very convenient. If you are using it, make sure to protect it with 2FA protection. That said, […]

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

New cross-platform Microsoft Edge Release Candidate is now available

The Release Candidate of the new Microsoft Edge web browser that is based on Chromium, is finally available. Now, what’s great about this browser is the fact that it is now cross-platform, which means, it should now be usable on […]

Picture-In-Picture mode in Firefox

Firefox gets Picture-in-Picture mode and Enhanced Tracking Protection

Firefox 71 introduces Picture-in-Picture or PIP mode on Windows OS version and the updated Firefox mobile version comes with Enhanced Tracking Protection. Just a few days ago Mozilla had released a newer version of the Firefox browser and named it […]

Google Photos sharing feature

Google Photos integrates new photo-sharing feature

As the world of technology continues to advance, Google can’t stop but add new features to its services and products. The latest update coming to Google Photos app, on both mobile and on the web will add the ability to […]

add markers on Google Earth

Google Earth now lets you create your own maps and stories

Google Earth is one of the most impressive products from Google. It has helped millions of people visualize how places look like without being physically there.  I have personally used it to show my kid what he has been reading […]

Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy wearable

Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy wearable now available

There’s now a dedicated Microsoft Outlook app available for the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy wearable is free for use and can be downloaded directly from the Samsung Galaxy App Store. Outlook app for Samsung Galaxy […]

Support for Cortana app on Android and iOS to end soon

The software giant – Microsoft has confirmed the news of phasing out its virtual assistant service, Cortana from Android and iOS platforms. The company also mentioned that an updated version of Microsoft Launcher without Cortana will be launched, soon. So, […]

Wayback Machine Save Page Features

Wayback Machine rolls out new and improved Save Page feature

Wayback Machine is an online service that archives websites, pages, documents, and many other things. If you ever wanted to see how a website looked when it was a couple of years of months back, then this is where you […]

The Surface Phone is here, and it’s powered by Android

The long-awaited Surface Phone, titled the Surface Duo, is here, and it is not what you might have expected from Microsoft. You see, this device comes packed with a ton of Microsoft-made apps, of course, but then it becomes apparent […]

Kodi Domain

Kodi domain shutdown, although temporarily!

Kodi had been through many difficult crises earlier but somehow managed to stay afloat. However, the new development worries many of its users. The Twitter handle of the website informed that the site will be temporarily down until further notice. […]

firefox logo

Firefox Premium for Enterprise launched

Mozilla Firefox is known for providing a secure browsing experience. To make this experience more hassle-free, the company has launched Firefox Premium, a new service for enterprise customers that uses the open-source browser. Mozilla launches Firefox Premium service In addition […]

Chrome Utility Audio Service

Chrome browser to run Audio as a separate process

Google has introduced a change in its Chrome browser. The change makes Audio run in a separate process on Windows and other platforms. You can observe and verify it by locating “Utility: Audio Service” under Chrome Task Manager while playing […]

fixwin 10.1

FixWin 10.1 makes resetting several Windows 10 functions a breeze!

FixWin 10.1, the free portable Windows repair tool, has been released, making resetting of several Windows 10 functions that may not be working properly, very easy! Apart from letting you Run SFC, Run DISM, Reinstall Microsoft Store apps and create […]

Wimbledon Tennis game

Google lets you play a Wimbledon themed tennis game! Found it?

In honor of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Google has introduced a Wimbledon themed tennis game. The game hides under the ‘Search’ function but takes little effort to find and play. If you haven’t spotted the game yet, we will tell […]

ultimate windows tweaker 46

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.6 released with Windows 10 v1903 Support

The very popular tweaker, Ultimate Windows Tweaker has been updated to version 4.6 and released with several new tweaks. It now supports Windows 10 v1903. With judicious tweaking, it can make your system faster, more stable, personal and more secure […]

Windows Calculator Android iOS Web

Windows Calculator now available for Android, iOS and the Web

Microsoft has been a massive fan of Open Source for a couple of years, and just like how they developed the Windows Terminal, they also open sourced Windows Calculator. Today it has been made available for Android, iOS and the […]

OneDrive gets Personal Vault, additional storage and more

Microsoft is making some changes to OneDrive with a recent update, and it’s pretty good. The most important addition right now is the improved security, and following that, an extra 50GB of storage to the standalone plan. The plan now […]

Raspberry Pi 4 announced officially; available starting $35

Raspberry Pi 4 announced officially; available starting $35

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently announced the Raspberry Pi 4. It is a significant upgrade over the last major release of Raspberry Pi which was Raspberry Pi 3. The most hyped feature for Raspberry Pi 4 is the support for dual 4k displays. For […]

Google Earth for All

Google Earth to work on Firefox and other browsers too

Like many other services, Google Earth till now had been only supported on Chrome. It was not about being competitive, but it was instead the technology that was required for Google Earth to work. It was released as a native […]

firefox logo

Mozilla Firefox to get a new logo

Firefox first came into existence in 2002 with its evolutionary browser which made everyone switch to it. While many use Google Chrome now, but Firefox has its legacy for doing a lot of things first. Fast forward, Firefox is not […]


Lenovo launches ThinkReality, a HoloLens competitor

Continuing its expansion, Lenovo has announced a new VR/AR platform named as ThinkReality includes both software and hardware. The system comprises of a software platform and the AR headset. The Android-based Lenovo AR Headset weighs 380 grams and comes with […]

Windows media center

Windows Media Center SDK available on GitHub

Though Windows Media Center is not supported on Windows 10, as a fan of the old guard here is a chance of how you can find it. A former Microsoft employee has posted the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the […]

Intel 9th Gen H Series Infographics

Intel introduces their 9th Generation H Series Processors

Intel has announced their new H Series processors that clock up to 5 GHz and are designed for gamers and creators who want to push their experience to the next level. Due to thermal limitations, this was previously very difficult […]


Cloudflare to launch Warp VPN service

When someone says its April 1st, the first thing that strikes us – a troublesome date. The day has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, but its exact origins remain a mystery. Having said that, many companies want […]


Microsoft adds AI to make more intelligent

Microsoft announced yesterday that it is making more intelligent with the help of new Artificial Intelligence powered features. The company said that it would roll out new features in the next few weeks across email and calendar that will help […]