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Quick Searches

Windows 10 Quick Searches goes International

A new update for Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings has expanded Quick Searches feature to a larger audience. The new Quick Searches experience in Windows 10 is now available to users across Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, […]

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

Microsoft Edge starts moving towards open source collaboration

Most of the commercial projects today actively engage in open source projects since it lowers the barriers to adoption and collaboration. Moreover, it allows people to spread and improve projects quickly. Sensing its benefits, bigwigs like Microsoft are increasing their […]

Surface Book Battery Swelling

Swollen Surface batteries issues are being reported

It’s important for an enterprise of the size of Microsoft to understand how customers view their ownership journey with its products. So far, its been good but any unfortunate incident can turn this relationship hostile. The latest case of Microsoft […]

.NET Core 3.1 release

Microsoft rolls out final version of .NET Core 3.1

The open-source, general-purpose development platform .NET Core 3.1 is finally out. The new version focuses on 2 big features, highlighted earlier in the release of .NET Core 3.0 earlier this fall namely- Blazor (for C# Web development instead of JavaScript) […]

Intune Adoption kit

Intune Adoption Kit is now available for download

Time has changed! The modern era of corporate connectivity now allows its employees to access to files from any location and any device. This has enabled great consumer experiences at work. However, it has also raised the risks of threats […]

Bing 2020 US Elections Experience

Bing 2020 US Elections Experience launched

Ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, Bing has come up with the idea of providing netizens an easy and quick way to get all information related to the elections. The new offering named Bing 2020 US Elections Experience, currently […]

Xbox Game Pass Games

Microsoft announces new games for Xbox Games pass and Holiday Offer

Microsoft made some big announcements when it comes to gaming in its annual Xbox Event, Inside Xbox, which was majorly dominated by new Xbox Game IPs.  It includes over ten Xbox Game Studios game, three brand new games revealed for […]

new skype logo

Inspired by change, Microsoft unveils a new Skype logo

Sensing people’s desire for a change, Microsoft’s video chat and messaging service – Skype has come up with a new logo. The newly designed Skype logo brings the Microsoft service more in line with signature Office apps. Skype gets a […]

New Surface lineup reportedly facing Sound and WiFi problems

Microsoft recently announced the new New Surface lineup, which includes Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and more. Sadly those devices, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Lap 3, housing Intel AX201 driver has been hit by a […]

Outlook for Mac UI

Microsoft Outlook for Mac gets redesigned

Microsoft is looking forward to completely overhaul its mail service – Outlook for Mac. The newer version will see some changes in the UI design alongside a few big improvements and enhancements to syncing. Outlook for Mac will support better […]

Microsoft Ignite: All the important announcements you need to know

Microsoft Ignite is one of several events the software giant holds during a single year, and this latest one did not disappoint. The company made several big announcements, and today we’re going to talk about a bunch of them. Unlike […]

Microsoft unveils its new ARM-powered Surface Pro X

Microsoft has come up with its latest ARM-based Surface Pro device called Surface Pro X. It exhibits some significant hardware redesigns the Surface line has seen in some time, as well as big changes internally. Let’s see what’s so good […]

Microsoft Edge Chromium has a hidden S.U.R.F. Easter Egg

Microsoft Edge Chromium has a hidden S.U.R.F. Easter Egg

Microsoft has earlier announced the new icon for the new Microsoft Edge web browser. With this, we expect a stable version to be released to the public on 15th January 2020. Along with this, they also revealed a new S.U.R.F. […]

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

Microsoft has been testing its new Microsoft Edge web browser based on the Chromium engine in a public preview for a while now. It is a replacement to the old Microsoft Edge browser that was based on EdgeHTML. With this […]

Microsoft announces Microsoft Q&A; replaces MSDN and TechNet

Microsoft Q&A website announced; To replace MSDN and TechNet

Microsoft has announced that they are releasing a new Q&A website. It is a mixture of MSDN and TechNet forums. This means that Microsoft is planning to discontinue MSDN and TechNet forums. It is a part of the larger Microsoft […]

OneDrive Roadmap Roundup 2019

Here’s the latest OneDrive Roadmap roundup for October 2019

Microsoft strives hard to make OneDrive a place that allows its users access, share, or collaborate files and make them accessible on every device they own. anywhere. As a result, it continuously adds new features to enhance its productivity and […]

Microsoft allows businesses of any size to extend Windows 7 support for 3 year

There has been a big shift in Microsoft’s approach of providing Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for its customers. Now, in addition to large business establishments, small-and-midsize businesses (SMBs) will also get an option to purchase ESUs. Moreover, they […]

Windows 10 1903

Windows 10 1903 is designated for broad deployment for all users

The latest post from Microsoft announces that Windows 10 v1903, is ready for broad deployment for all users. The change in approach is seen in just over 4 months since the May 2019 Update was launched. Windows 10 v1903 ready […]

Outlook on the Web adds new File Types to Blocked List

Microsoft’s Exchange team has updated the File Types that is blocked in Outlook Web. The list has been updated as they see it can be risky downloading them in current scenarios. These new extension has been added to the BlockedFileTypes […]

CCleaner blacklisted by Microsoft Answers; Users cannot recommend the utility

CCleaner, one of the longest-established system cleaners has been blacklisted by Microsoft Answers. The exact reason for banning the freeware’s links is not known but it appears that the interfering of the utility with Microsoft Security policy might have prompted […]

Python for beginners tutorials

Microsoft starts a new series of Python for Beginners Video Tutorials

Python as a language is exploding in popularity, and everyone wants to be a part of this new community. So, to help interested individuals, Microsoft has started a new program. The company is offering Python for beginners video tutorials to […]

Cascadia Code font

Microsoft releases new open source Cascadia Code font

Developers at Microsoft have come up with a new open-source font called Cascadia Code. The code is available publicly on GitHub repository, and it promises to offer a fresh experience for command-line experiences and code editors. Cascadia Code was announced […]

Microsoft To Do gets a major update; comes with a new design

Microsoft To-Do gets a major update; comes with a new design

Microsoft has announced a newer design for Microsoft To-Do applications on Android and iOS. This update aims to make the application more personal. Microsoft acquired Wunderlist a few years ago and launched Microsoft To-Do with better capabilities. The main challenge […]

Microsoft The Musical song

Interns and full-time employees create ‘Microsoft the Musical’

Microsoft, the software giant is not just about tech but fun too. A video showing interns and full-time employees working to create ‘Microsoft The Musical’ proves this. Music is creative as well as expressive channel for communication. It can heal, […]

Microsoft announces PowerToys in a preview

Microsoft announces PowerToys in preview

PowerToys were a set of system utilities from the times of Windows 95 and Windows XP. However, it was slowly discontinued as the Windows operating systems got updated. However, the legacy version of PowerToys had various utilities. Microsoft has now […]