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Microsoft Security Essentials support to end on 14 January 14

Microsoft Security Essentials support to end on 14 January 14

Windows 10 comes preloaded with Windows Security, which has come a long way. The first version goes back to Microsoft Security Essentials, which was introduced in Windows 7. Now that Windows 7 support is coming to end of life, the […]

use leaked passwords Microsoft accounts

44 million use leaked passwords on Microsoft Accounts, says report

Managing passwords can be a tricky thing, especially now that everyone has accounts on so many services on the internet. Due to this, the same password gets used in multiple accounts. On top of that, many users use a password […]

trackers list Edge Windows

Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge gets even better

Like Firefox, Microsoft’s new Edge is improving its efforts for Tracking Prevention. These trackers include anything which creates a profile of the user and keeps a track on pages they visit on the internet. In the recent announcement by the […]

Avast Software

Mozilla disables all Firefox Avast extensions from its Add-ons page

Besides offering various options to protect the online privacy of its users, Avast web browser extensions improve the overall experience when browsing the Internet. But, in an attempt to do so, the company has been found to gather information about […]

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) are now available

Microsoft announced support for Windows 7 to end on January 14, 2020, but they also opened up a subscription model for those who still can’t move onto Windows 10. Many businesses are running on Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise, and […]

hakbit Decryptor Free Emsisoft

Hakbit Ransomware will change your wallpaper – Decryptor released

Hakbit is another Ransomware that has been reported to infect multiple users, both home and business users. While the majority of the victims are from the US and Europe, it can reach anywhere unless you are careful. What is different […]

Windows 10

Security Configuration Baseline Settings for Windows 10 v1909 now available

Stressing on the need of adopting a streamlined and efficient approach for its baseline definition, Microsoft has announced the final release of the Security Configuration Baseline Settings. The settings are available for both – Windows 10 v1909 and Windows Server […]

Coalition Against Stalkerware

Security companies come together to form Coalition Against Stalkerware

A severest crisis can be dealt with and overcome by displaying strength in unity. The problem of stalkerware and its rising menace finds a solution in this line. Many security firms have joined hands together to form a coalition against […]

Microsoft Experts on demand service

Microsoft rolls out Expert on Demand service for Windows 10 users

The software giant announced the general availability of its Threat Experts Service – Experts on Demand for Windows users this Monday. The new capability would give customers direct access to real-life Microsoft threat analysts to aid security investigations. Experts on […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Data of 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users exposed

After a major data leak in 2013, the ghosts of the past are back again to haunt Adobe. A security flaw in the company’s software – Adobe Creative Cloud has inadvertently exposed the database of millions of its users. Data […]

Firmware attacks

Microsoft’s Secured-core PCs to protect against targeted firmware attacks

Firmware attacks have been known for many years. However, in recent times, the attacks have increased by a huge number. According to NIST’s National Vulnerability Database, nearly a five-fold increase in the number of firmware vulnerabilities has been discovered in […]

Avast Network Breached VPN

Avast Antivirus Network breached through insecure VPN Profile

It looks like a VPN as a service is not having a good day. NordVPN is already under fire about its Private keys being leaked, and data decrypted on one of its servers, and now Avast Antivirus network has been […]

NordVPN Hacked

NordVPN confirms that it was hacked after Private keys were leaked

Irony! We all use a VPN, keeping in mind everything is private and secure, but then it looks like the risk is everywhere. NordVPN is one of the popular  VPN services has confirmed that it was hacked sometimes ago. The […]

Emisoft report on ransomware attack

Ransomware targeting schools and government organizations majorly

Emsisoft’s Ransomware statistics for 2019: Q2 to Q3 reveal a worrying trend. The report shows enterprise ransomware attacks have become more common. Moreover, the threat actors are increasingly targeting larger and more profitable targets, such as schools and government organizations. […]

Enable Tamper Protection Windows 10

Tamper Protection available for all Microsoft Defender ATP customers

Windows Security, the inbuilt security and antivirus app in Windows 10, can be disabled by third-party service without consent. The user can be tricked by third-party malware, which could be posing for something else. To make sure nobody else but […]

Update iCloud for Windows to Protect Against Ransomware (Bonjour)

Update iCloud for Windows to Protect Against Ransomware (Bonjour)

We just talked about Windows 10 Upgrade assistant vulnerability, and now we are reporting another one – iCloud Bonjour updater exploit. Reported by  Threatpost, the vulnerability in Bonjour updater for Apple software on Windows can be used to install Ransomeware […]

Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 Update Assistant Vulnerability

Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Update Assistant vulnerability

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 Update Assistant to fix a local privilege escalation vulnerability, which blocks any attacker to use elevated privileges to run a program with System permissions. It would have lead to any action […]

KB4515384 causing audio problems

KB4515384 causing audio problems in Windows 10? Do this says Microsoft

Some updates from Windows 10 are known to cause more issues than they fix. The latest cumulative update KB4515384 proves to be one of such rare cases. A new message from the Microsoft Support website confirms that the September Cumulative […]

Microsoft Defender ATP Tests

Microsoft Defender ATP gets top scoring in industry tests

What started as a regular antivirus solution for Windows has not reached enterprise and offers top-class security solution. Microsoft Defender ATP or Advanced Threat Protection has got top-scoring in industry tests for both antivirus solutions and security system. Microsoft Defender […]

Driver vulnerability puts millions of Windows users at risk

Drivers in Windows make sure that the device can talk to the Windows OS. The exchange of information goes as deep at the Kernel level. Any vulnerability in the drivers can impact a majority of devices and can let access […]

MetaDefender ICAP with Windows Defender

MetaDefender and Windows Defender partner for Hybrid Platforms

MetaDefender is an Advanced Threat Prevention Platform for preventing and detecting cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels. Microsoft has partnered with  OPSWAT’s MetaDefender and made it available for on-premises and hybrid cloud Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) scanning. While there is […]

Windows Defender Application Control offers new capabilities

Windows Defender Application Control offers new capabilities

Windows Defender Application Control from Microsoft offers a new life of defense for Enterprise. It not only provides the inherent advantage over traditional antivirus solutions but when used offers a trust model where applications must earn trust to run. It […]

Malvertising attack on Microsoft Games

Fake virus warning ads plague users of Windows 10 Store apps

Windows Defender SmartScreen protects Windows users when trying to visit sites reported as phishing or malware websites. The security tool it seems fails to recognize a new menace that has troubling users of some UWP apps. Ads that have been […]

Microsoft Defender

Webpage to highlight Microsoft Defender ATP Performance scores launched

If you are a Microsoft’s homegrown security tool Microsoft Defender user, then you can now easily get reports about the performance of this tool. Microsoft has come up with a dedicated page that talks about Microsoft Defender’s performance among various […]

Task Scheduler Vulnerability in Windows

Windows Task Scheduler Privilege Escalation Vulnerability discovered

Carnegie Mellon University which operates the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) for the U.S. Department of Defense has published an article about a vulnerability in the Windows Task Scheduler. The Task Scheduler uses a function SetJobFileSecurityByName. According to the original finder, […]

A computer Laptop with six deadly Malware is up for auction

A computer Laptop with six deadly Malware is up for auction

Tech can be weird, and this news is not just unique, but it will raise a lot of eyebrows. Performance artist Guo O Dong and cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct have put up a Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook which has […]

Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft asks users to update Remote Desktop Services to prevent worm infections

Microsoft has released a fix for critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability titled CVE-2019-0708. The vulnerability is pre-authenticated and requires zero human interaction. That being said the vulnerability can be exploited by a worm and any malware infected system can transfer […]

Fxmsp group allegedly hacked antivirus vendors

Last week a report that spoke about Fxmsp hacker group claiming access to the source code of three anti-virus companies surfaced – TrendMicro, Symantec, and McAfee. The authorities had kept the victim’s names under wraps due to the sensitive nature […]