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Microsoft to start pushing v1909 on Windows 10 running v1809

Keeping in mind how users stay on the older version for long, Microsoft is making sure the same thing doesn’t happen with Windows 10.  One of the recent feature updates in Windows 10 gave end-users the option to download updates […]

Microsoft to support DNS over HTTPS on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it is planning to integrate DNS over HTTP for Windows 10 starting from November 2019. The company believes that by supporting encrypted DNS queries in Windows, one of the last remaining plain-text domain name transmission will […]

Windows Community Toolkit v6 arrives with some new improvements

The new update for the Windows Community Toolkit v6.0 is out. You can get the preview of the latest features by installing the sample App from the Microsoft Store. It demonstrates the kit’s custom controls and other features. Windows Community […]


Windows 10 1909 has new Delivery Options for faster updating

Microsoft has long been attempting to improve the update experience where Windows OS is concerned and with the newly released Windows 10 1909, the company has made great strides in this regard. Microsoft recently spoke of some of the improvements […]

Windows 10 v1909 November 2019 Update is here!

The newest version of Windows 10, which is version 1909, is out right now for all users of the operating system. The November 2019 Update brings quite a lot to the table, but nothing of real significance, yet still important […]

Microsoft updates Processor requirements for Windows 10 1909

Windows 10 1909 is on the verge of release, and Microsoft has updated the processor requirement for it. Windows do it for all their versions, and v1909 is not an exception. Microsoft has listed a set of recommended processors which […]

How to update the dev environment for Windows 10 1909

There will be no new Windows SDK for Windows 10 1909

Windows 10 1909 will soon become available to general consumers, but as usual, they will be first available for developers. Intresting part is that Microsoft Windows Team says that there will be no new Windows SDK – but if you […]

Windows 10

Windows 10 is now running on about 900M devices

Windows 10 was launched almost 5 years ago as a public preview and a little more than 4 years ago to the public. This was a major release all around because Windows 10 was supposed to be the last version […]

Screen Capture with WindowsGraphicsCapture

WindowsGraphicsCapture offers a new way for Screen Capture

Screen capture functionality is required in most of the computer-based tasks. It is an inseparable part of eLearning; while developers need it while developing, testing or diagnosing certain piece of software. There are already several tools available for screen capturing; […]

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal 0.4 Preview Update brings improved features

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal is the modern version of the terminal like Command Prompt, PowerShell and WSL, It brings features including multiple tabs, Unicode and UTF-8 character support, a GPU accelerated text rendering engine, and custom themes, styles, and configurations. In […]

Microsoft Edge Beta

Microsoft Edge Beta Channel is now available

Microsoft Edge team released Canary and Dev builds back in April. Technically these builds are less stable and get more frequent updates. Today, they have rolled out Microsoft Edge Beta channel. It is now available on all supported versions of […]

notepad microsoft store

Windows Notepad is now available on Microsoft Store

Microsoft recently made the Windows Notepad available on the Microsoft Store. Windows Notepad is one of the oldest text editors in Windows, yet not very commonly used. Rather, for users who couldn’t buy MS Office, Wordpad became a suitable replacement […]


VBScript will be disabled by default in Internet Explorer 11

VBScript is a client-side scripting language such as JavaScript which is now outdated. Microsoft has announced that VBScript will be disabled by default for Internet Explorer 11. It will also be disabled in WebOCs for Internet and Untrusted zones on […]

wufb branch readiness 1809 v1903

Windows 10 v1809 Business will be forced to update to Windows 10 v1903

Microsoft will be doing a forced upgrade for Businesses set to Semi-Annual Channel and a 0-day deferral. Starting on July 23, 2019, the devices will begin updating to Windows 10 v1903. The only exceptions are SAC-T for Office 365 ProPlus […]

MSDN 1903 Business Edition ISO

Windows 10 1903 Business Edition ISO is available on MSDN

Microsoft has made available Windows 10 v1903 Business Edition ISO on MSDN. If you have an MSDN subscription, you should see it already. The ISO will be useful for IT admins who need to create their installation media using either […]

Windows 10 to go password-less using FIDO2 security keys

Security has always been the first concern at Microsoft, and thus the company has some plans to make the Windows 10 PC completely passwordless in the near future. Microsoft has come up with a new passwordless sign-in option for all […]

Desktop Analytics for Windows 10

Desktop Analytics for Windows 10 unveiled by Microsoft

Desktop Analytics for Windows 10, which provides the users and businesses the much-needed insight and automation to stay current was unveiled by Microsoft. As industry experts mention, Desktop Analytics is the extension of Windows Analytics. The public preview of Desktop […]

Windows 1.11

Windows 1.11 app is now available on Microsoft Store

Microsoft has released a new app called as Windows 1.11 on its Store promising users that it takes them back to the year 1985 – the year when the company released the first Windows version. The app hands you tasks […]

Microsoft Internet Games

Microsoft Internet Games support for Windows 7, XP, ME is ending

For many, today is a sad day, a red day, a day that will never be forgotten for decades to come. OK, we’re just playing around here because we doubt many computer users will care about what happens today unless […]

Windows Terminal is now available on the Microsoft Store

Windows Terminal, the modern avatar of the Command Prompt, is now available in the Microsoft Store. While Command Prompt, Power Shell, and other terminals are going to stay, but with Windows Terminal, Microsoft has put up a command line interface […]

Microsoft Edge Preview

Microsoft Edge Chromium Preview now available for Windows 8.1/8/7

Microsoft Edge Preview (Chromium-based)browser is finally up and running for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems. If you’re still using Windows XP, well, you’re out of luck because Microsoft is no longer supporting that operating system. Download […]