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Add sparks to your conversations with new updates in LinkedIn Messaging

A conversation can pick any format – discussion, talk, chat or gossip. While some appear formal, others can be tête-à-tête (private conversation between two people). To make this mode of expression more effective LinkedIn is equipping its app for both […]


Yahoo Messenger service to shut down next month

In earlier times, Yahoo! Messenger was one of the most widely used platforms for communication, but more robust and modern alternatives like Facebook Messenger and other live chat plugins have lessened its appeal. As such, the company has decided to […]

Microsoft rolls out LinkedIn integration in Outlook

Microsoft is starting to enjoy the benefits of their acquisition of business social media site LinkedIn by beginning to integrate into its current product range with The move will allow users to view insights and work history all […]

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) to be discontinued

AOL Instant Messenger, once considered as a staple of personal computers will be discontinued coming December 15.  The platform helped users in providing instant access to their friends and contacts in “buddy list. It was wildly popular and had about […]


India surpasses the US as Facebook’s No.1 User

India has surpassed the US to become Facebook’s largest country audience. The country now has over 241 million active users in comparison to 240 million in the US. What appears quite puzzling about this news is, despite low Internet penetration, […]


Facebook Messenger Chatbot helping Refugees seek Asylum

Artificial Intelligence can no more be labeled as mistrusted fascination. It is being increasingly used for better purposes. The most recent initiative from British-born Joshua Browder is just a proof of this. The gentleman has developed a chatbot ‘DoNotPay’ that intends […]

LinkedIn desktop redesigned with better UI and other intuitive features

LinkedIn has been refreshing its UI regularly but not much had changed when it comes to their desktop design. Recently the company has announced a complete design overhaul that aims at delivering a thoughtful and simplified approach in order to […]

Latest WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone has a new camera shortcut

It’s finally some good news for Windows Phone users who love to use WhatsApp. The latest WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has brought in the much-awaited camera icon that allows quick sharing of photos and videos from your gallery. The […]

Twitter relaxes 140-character limit, to only include text

Twitter, on Monday, announced that the social networking website would be relaxing the rules on their trademark 140-character limit. Tweets will hold steady that limit but things like GIFs, images, videos, polls and quote tweets won’t be added to the […]

LinkedIn won’t change Open Source strategy despite Microsoft acquisition

Before Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the company was very much interested in Open Source and has been developing its technology to focus in that direction. One might believe that due to the software giant now taking control of the company, LinkedIn […]


Hello! Creator of Orkut launches a new social site

Despite Google shutting down its first social network Orkut having over 300 million users in September 2014, Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of Orkut, is in no mood to give up. In yet another attempt to foray into the world where plenty […]

Be cautious while sharing Links on Facebook Messenger App

Advantages, online world offers are aplenty, however, it carries with it a baggage of risks too. For instance, we as users are rarely bothered about how much data a company can gather about us from nothing more than our first […]


Facebook launches suicide-prevention tools for all

Facebook has rolled out a suicide prevention tool in collaboration with local partners AASRA and Live Love Laugh Foundation in order to let users report suicidal posts and help their friends. Previously, the tool was accessible only to English-language users. […]


Facebook will delete your Photos if you don’t install Moments app

While it’s been merely a week since the social networking giant Facebook forced its users to install its Messenger app on the mobile web platform, numerous reports are now indicating Facebook’s unacceptable approach to get users forcibly into using its […]

MySpace and Tumblr hit by a ‘Mega breach’

Social networks MySpace and Tumblr faced a major Data Breach. BBC recently reported that a total of 65,469,298 Tumblr accounts and over 360 million MySpace account details are offered for sale online. This is the second case of data breach […]

Twitter to overhaul 140-characters tweet limit rules

Twitter has been continuously evolving since it started from a simple 140-characters text to rich content which includes photos, videos, hashtags, vines in the tweet. That means one can do a lot in a tweet but when a user adds […]

Microsoft brings Instagram, Facebook, Messenger apps to Windows 10

Microsoft has been doing a great job bringing in a majority of Windows 10 Mobile apps to the Windows Store alongside the Windows games. This idea seems to align with the ideology of Continuum and the fact that Microsoft wants […]

Yammer network

Yammer Network introduces external groups to include clients and partners

Yammer Network, the organization level social networking site owned by Microsoft, is now giving you the freedom to include people outside of your company. Till now, Yammer was limited to the organization level only. That means, employees and associates of […]

Twitter adds Message button to share tweet via Direct Message

Twitter has added a new Message button which will let you share a tweet via Direct Message. So with this new feature, it’ll be simpler to share a tweet privately and start a private conversation. New Twitter Message Button People use Direct […]

Facebook new Reactions/Like button

Facebook’s new Reactions/Like button is now available globally

Facebook Like button now gives you the choice to select your ‘Reactions’ buttons to express your emotions. Back in September 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about adding a Dislike button on Facebook, however, these not exactly the Dislike buttons but […]

Facebook caught in a tight spot after Net Neutrality victory in India

Net Neutrality scored a big win in India recently, leaving Facebook licking its wounds as the social network moves to get is controversial “Free Basic” platform up and running. Net Neutrality wins in India According to the latest report, the […]

Facebook at Work helps Businesses create their own social network

It was a well-known secret that Facebook was working on a dedicated social network for work which would eventually be aimed at the enterprise market. The entire endeavor was nicknamed “FB@Work” and just recently the product was finally unveiled. While […]


WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription fee

Facebook-owned popular messaging app WhatsApp will no longer ask you to pay annual subscription fee as the company decides to shelve-off the charges for using the app post 1 year of free usage. WhatsApp said that users are no longer […]

Facebook will soon have a Dislike button, Says Mark

Facebook will soon have a Dislike button, says Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook will now let you show your wrath over any of your friend’s status updates or photos. After getting thousand of requests, Mark Zuckerberg has finally decided to create a […]

Twitter adds new feature: Hover over handle name for profile view

Twitter, the micro blogging site had added “inline animated GIF support” last month and now has come up with a new feature – you can simply hover over a handle name to view the profile related to that handle. Earlier, […]

YouTube to soon launch Gaming Website and App

YouTube is soon going to enter the gaming world by launching a dedicated site and a gaming app. YouTube’s global head Ryan Wyatt recently announced their plan to launch the gaming site and the app with a sole aim to […]