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Facebook new Reactions/Like button

Facebook’s new Reactions/Like button is now available globally

Facebook Like button now gives you the choice to select your ‘Reactions’ buttons to express your emotions. Back in September 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about adding a Dislike button on Facebook, however, these not exactly the Dislike buttons but […]

Facebook caught in a tight spot after Net Neutrality victory in India

Net Neutrality scored a big win in India recently, leaving Facebook licking its wounds as the social network moves to get is controversial “Free Basic” platform up and running. Net Neutrality wins in India According to the latest report, the […]

Facebook at Work helps Businesses create their own social network

It was a well-known secret that Facebook was working on a dedicated social network for work which would eventually be aimed at the enterprise market. The entire endeavor was nicknamed “FB@Work” and just recently the product was finally unveiled. While […]


WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription fee

Facebook-owned popular messaging app WhatsApp will no longer ask you to pay annual subscription fee as the company decides to shelve-off the charges for using the app post 1 year of free usage. WhatsApp said that users are no longer […]

Facebook will soon have a Dislike button, Says Mark

Facebook will soon have a Dislike button, says Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook will now let you show your wrath over any of your friend’s status updates or photos. After getting thousand of requests, Mark Zuckerberg has finally decided to create a […]

Twitter adds new feature: Hover over handle name for profile view

Twitter, the micro blogging site had added “inline animated GIF support” last month and now has come up with a new feature – you can simply hover over a handle name to view the profile related to that handle. Earlier, […]

YouTube to soon launch Gaming Website and App

YouTube is soon going to enter the gaming world by launching a dedicated site and a gaming app. YouTube’s global head Ryan Wyatt recently announced their plan to launch the gaming site and the app with a sole aim to […]

Twitter 140 character limit for Direct Messages removed

The limit to fit your message into 140 characters will be removed by Twitter in the near future. Users could leave direct messages as long as they feel. Yes, Twitter, the micro-blogging platform will remove its 140 character limit on […]

China blocks websites with Facebook Like Button

Strengthening its control over the project Great Firewall of China, the Chinese government now censors and blocks the websites having a Facebook like button. Great Firewall of China is a surveillance project operated by the government of China which […]

Skype makes changes for its Facebook account users

Microsoft has announced some changes for its Skype users who sign in with their Facebook account. After April 21, users who login to Skype via their Facebook account are asked to download the latest version of Skype to fix this […]

Google Plus new feature ‘Collections’ under testing

Folks using Google Plus are offered a way to connect with friends and family, explore their interests and do lot more. The site has evolved into a pretty good social network with changes always underway to make it more acceptable. […]

Facebook activates Safety Check feature for Nepal Earthquake Victims

While Nepal switches to recovery mode from the frightening aftermath of Yesterday’s earthquake that left scores of people dead, tech behemoths like Google and social networking giant – Facebook have pitched in with their relief efforts in the affected areas. […]

Facebook releases TrueCaller competitor “Hello”

True Caller was a well-known moniker for caller ID solution. Now, the service is up for competition against Hello. It’s not a start-up but Facebook owned app that unveiled its launch today. The service ties up closely with the social […]


Facebook tweaks News feed from Friends and Pages

Facebook revealed in a recent blog that they will tweak the News Feed from friends and the pages users visit. The way how news feed will show you the content has been updated by Facebook so that right mix of […]

facebook page plugin

Facebook introduces Page Plugin; retires the Like box plugin

‘Experimentation’ is a maxim Facebook seems to have adopted without any reserves and reservations. The company’s latest move of depreciating the Like box plugin is indicative of this trend. The social networking giant – Facebook quietly announced its plans to retire […]


Non-US Twitter accounts will be moved to Ireland

Twitter has its revised and updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The revised privacy policy will be effective from May 18th, 2015. As per the new changes,  the accounts of Twitter users living in the United States will be […]

Twitter’s new home page lets you explore without signing-in

Twitter is rolling out a new home page where you’ll find various interesting topics to explore. And this can be done by just going to and without logging-in. Twitter users across the world come to Twitter to see what’s […]


Facebook still the most preferred social platform among teens

It seems, Facebook has managed to grab all top positions when it comes to ‘most preferred social networking sites’. Recently TWCN  mentioned an analysis, in which Facebook was the preferred choice for many companies to run their video advertisements. Now, […]

Facebook Web Messenger

Dedicated Facebook Web Messenger – launched

Facebook has launched a dedicated web messenger for the web users. The social networking website unveiled the Facebook Web Messenger on Wednesday, 8th April. The web messenger is just like the Messenger app, but for the web browsers. Facebook Web […]


Is Google buying Twitter, the same as Microsoft buying Yahoo?

Rumors of the search engine giant Google, buying-out micro blogging website, Twitter resurface time and again. Apparently the unexpected rise by 4% of Twitter stock price was triggered by one such new rumor. Further, there were claims by media reports […]


Facebook to claim #1 spot in Video Advertising defeating YouTube

YouTube is the hub of videos. However, it seems, video advertisers are giving more preference to Facebook for putting up their video ads, rather than the video sharing website itself. A recent analysis done by Mixpo reveals that Facebook Video […]

Twitter now lets you Retweet with comments

Twitter is adding a new feature today, that will provide users with a way to add his comments to a tweet. This will make it easier for users to add their opinion or reply along with the tweet. Earlier retweeting along with your comment was […]

You can now use Facebook to send divorce summons

What do you do if your spouse is not available or is purposefully avoiding receipt of divorce papers? In an judgement passed by a New York judge, the court has allowed a nurse to file for divorce via Facebook messaging […]

Hacker discovers YouTube exploit, that allowed deleting videos with one click

A security researcher exposed a critical vulnerability in world’s popular video sharing website – YouTube. A Russian security bod named Kamil Hismatullin discovered a very simple logical vulnerability that allowed him to remove any video from YouTube in a matter […]

Facebook invading Privacy, Tracks all visitors in breach of EU Law

According to a news report, Facebook installs cookies on the users’ computers and tracks their internet use, even after the user has logged out, opted out of tracking or deleted the Facebook account Facebook, like any other website, does this […]

Google YouTube testing 60FPS Ultra HD 4K Videos

YouTube videos will now be played with ultra-high 4K definition and 60 frames per second. The video sharing platform of Google Inc. has already tested its videos 60 frames per second as well as with 4K resolution, but this time […]