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snapchat hacked

Snapchat Service breached: Photos leaked

The troubling incident reported about Snapchat suggests the service was breached. Members of anonymous online messaging forum 4chan claim to have accessed gigabytes of private photographs shared on Snapchat by breaking into cloud storage servers of a third-party application that […]


Facebook introduces the App

In today’s world, the Internet has become a necessity more than a luxury. It connects us to the whole world. However, there are still majority parts of the world which do not have access to the internet. This is mainly […]

reddit live

Reddit Live, a live blogging tool, launched

Reddit has launched a live blogging tool called as Reddit Live. Aimed at users who want to keep posting about live events in real time, the feature has been in semi-open beta version since February. Reddit Live With Reddit Live, […]


Google to shut down Orkut on September 30, 2014

Google has announced the closure of its first social networking website Orkut, on 30 September 2014. As per the official blogpost, Google is shutting it down, to focus more on its other ventures like YouTube, Blogger and Google Plus. Before […]

Facebook Launches Slingshot

After a failed attempt to buy Snapchat last year, Mark Zuckerberg has now come up with Slingshot, an app similar to Snapchat, which deletes the photos and videos shortly after sharing. The new Facebook app, Slingshot allows the users to […]

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Facebook to use your Browsing History to deliver Ads

Facebook will soon be launching a new ad program which will display the ads on your timeline according to your browsing history. Your timeline will now show the ads based on the websites you visit over the web. For example, […]

Twitter Small Business Guide released

The Twitter community is expanding by thousands, if not millions with each passing day. The micro-blogging platform that allows you to express your opinion in 140 character long tweets has become an indispensable tool for communication, today. The website is […]


Facebook to offer free malware cleanups to infected computers

Imagine the count of visitors that Facebook attracts every day. More the traffic, increased is the chances of many getting affected by threats such as malware. Though it is almost impossible to protect against all modern security threats, Facebook seems […]


Google reportedly planning to dismantle Google+

Google+, the social networking website and authorship tool from Google Inc, is reportedly in troubled waters after the sudden departure of its head, Vic Gundotra. Last Thursday, April 24th 2014, Vic Gundotra announced that he is leaving Google after spending […]


Facebook to buy WhatsApp messaging service for a whopping $19 billion

A move that can be termed as surprising, if not shocking, Facebook Inc announced on Wednesday afternoon that it was acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion in stock and cash. WhatsApp is a world leader in mobile messaging over the internet […]

Bill Gates chats again on Ask Me Anything session on Reddit

Microsoft founder Bill Gates enjoyed doing last year’s Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) so much that he was back for another round of questions, ranging from broad principles of philanthropy to technology. He chose to use the handle “thisisbillgates,” and […]

Facebook was hacked on its 10th anniversary by Syrian Electronic Army

Only yesterday when Facebook was celebrating its 10 year anniversary, a group called the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) reportedly claimed that it had taken control over the domain. However, within half an hour or so, Facebook took back control its […]

Facebook completes a decade and takes you down the memory lane

The social media website which transformed the way we network, Facebook turns 10 today. Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to the world’s most popular and successful social network. On the occasion, Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook released an open […]

Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account hacked

Just a few hours ago, I wrote about LinkedIn’s security breach, now we have another one going down the same road. Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account has reportedly been hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Although Microsoft has, what it seems gained […]

LinkedIn hacked, many of your connections might not be real

LinkedIn, the social network for professional people and recruiters has reportedly been hacked. This vicious act has been going around since late May 2013 and have had profile data of many of its users compromised. LinkedIn says that it has […]

Gmail now lets you send emails to your Google+ contacts

Google has pushed a new feature that integrates its email client, Gmail and social network Google+ in a very handy way. Gmail users will now be able to send emails to people they have in their Google+ circles. This feature has outdone […]

Windows Phone Twitter client Mehdoh is free for a short period

Popular Twitter client for Windows Phone Mehdoh is presently available for free on Windows Phone store. Mehdoh is one of the oldest Twitter client for Windows Phone, which has been around since Windows Phone 7 days. What makes Mehdoh special […]

Treetins is a social network that tries to bridge strangers

There is a new social networking website in town, and it’s called Treetins. Treetins, aims to make strangers friend. In fact, its tagline itself says “Making Strangers Social”. Bear in mind, this is not a dating or matrimonial portal, it […]

Twitter provides new ways to search

Twitter apps for iOS and Android were updated which will make it much easier to find what’s happening on Twitter of your likings. New filters are provided now in Search which will help you quickly find the Tweets, people you […]

Malicious Febipos browser extension targets Facebook profiles

The annoying Facebook spamming malware Trojan:JS/Febipos.A has now hit the Internet Explorer too. Febipos was first spotted in May this year but at that time it was only affecting Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Fortunately, the Internet Explorer team spotted […]

Instant messaging service WhatsApp now has 350 million active users

October 22nd 2013 was a historic day in technology as it witnessed two game changing companies Apple and Nokia showcase some of the best and intuitive and innovative gadgets. But it wasn’t all about gadgets, though. At the Nokia event, […]

Facebook Graph Search Is Live, Makes Old Posts Searchable

This past January Facebook introduced the Graph Search, a technology which makes it easier for people to search for things. They took quite a while to roll this feature to the majority of their users, and it was just last month, […]

Twitter launches Twitter Alerts

Twitter is launching a new feature Twitter Alerts which will help its users to get important and accurate information from credible organizations during the time of emergencies, natural disasters or any other time when other communications services aren’t accessible. It’s very […]

Facebook steps up & introduces Facebook Suicide Prevention Resources

According to a survey conducted by The World Health Organization, almost 1 million deaths are caused by suicides every year. Not only that, each of these deaths affects at least 6 people who are closely associated with the dead person. […]

Google+ introduces new Photo Editing Tools for Chrome users

Google’s acquisition of Snapseed app is now visible in the form of Google + Photo editing tools. Some sophisticated new photo editing features have been accommodated into Internet giant’s social networking platform – Google+. The editing tools however work in Chrome […]