Windows 10 1909 has new Delivery Options for faster updating

Microsoft has long been attempting to improve the update experience where Windows OS is concerned and with the newly released Windows 10 1909, the company has made great strides in this regard. Microsoft recently spoke of some of the improvements […]

Windows 10 v1909 November 2019 Update is here!

The newest version of Windows 10, which is version 1909, is out right now for all users of the operating system. The November 2019 Update brings quite a lot to the table, but nothing of real significance, yet still important […]

new skype logo

Inspired by change, Microsoft unveils a new Skype logo

Sensing people’s desire for a change, Microsoft’s video chat and messaging service – Skype has come up with a new logo. The newly designed Skype logo brings the Microsoft service more in line with signature Office apps. Skype gets a […]

New Surface lineup reportedly facing Sound and WiFi problems

Microsoft recently announced the new New Surface lineup, which includes Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and more. Sadly those devices, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Lap 3, housing Intel AX201 driver has been hit by a […]

Outlook for Mac UI

Microsoft Outlook for Mac gets redesigned

Microsoft is looking forward to completely overhaul its mail service – Outlook for Mac. The newer version will see some changes in the UI design alongside a few big improvements and enhancements to syncing. Outlook for Mac will support better […]

Microsoft Ignite: All the important announcements you need to know

Microsoft Ignite is one of several events the software giant holds during a single year, and this latest one did not disappoint. The company made several big announcements, and today we’re going to talk about a bunch of them. Unlike […]

Microsoft unveils its new ARM-powered Surface Pro X

Microsoft has come up with its latest ARM-based Surface Pro device called Surface Pro X. It exhibits some significant hardware redesigns the Surface line has seen in some time, as well as big changes internally. Let’s see what’s so good […]

OneNote 2016 support extended

Microsoft OneNote 2016 support extended

OneNote had been popular among those who regularly indulge in Office products. It had been especially used to manage ToDo list, jot down notes quickly and more. That said, Microsoft OneNote end of life was approaching, but the number of […]

Microsoft Edge Chromium has a hidden S.U.R.F. Easter Egg

Microsoft Edge Chromium has a hidden S.U.R.F. Easter Egg

Microsoft has earlier announced the new icon for the new Microsoft Edge web browser. With this, we expect a stable version to be released to the public on 15th January 2020. Along with this, they also revealed a new S.U.R.F. […]

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

Microsoft Edge browser gets a brand new logo

Microsoft has been testing its new Microsoft Edge web browser based on the Chromium engine in a public preview for a while now. It is a replacement to the old Microsoft Edge browser that was based on EdgeHTML. With this […]

Microsoft announces Microsoft Q&A; replaces MSDN and TechNet

Microsoft Q&A website announced; To replace MSDN and TechNet

Microsoft has announced that they are releasing a new Q&A website. It is a mixture of MSDN and TechNet forums. This means that Microsoft is planning to discontinue MSDN and TechNet forums. It is a part of the larger Microsoft […]

OneDrive Roadmap Roundup 2019

Here’s the latest OneDrive Roadmap roundup for October 2019

Microsoft strives hard to make OneDrive a place that allows its users access, share, or collaborate files and make them accessible on every device they own. anywhere. As a result, it continuously adds new features to enhance its productivity and […]

Microsoft Experts on demand service

Microsoft rolls out Expert on Demand service for Windows 10 users

The software giant announced the general availability of its Threat Experts Service – Experts on Demand for Windows users this Monday. The new capability would give customers direct access to real-life Microsoft threat analysts to aid security investigations. Experts on […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Data of 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users exposed

After a major data leak in 2013, the ghosts of the past are back again to haunt Adobe. A security flaw in the company’s software – Adobe Creative Cloud has inadvertently exposed the database of millions of its users. Data […]

Wayback Machine Save Page Features

Wayback Machine rolls out new and improved Save Page feature

Wayback Machine is an online service that archives websites, pages, documents, and many other things. If you ever wanted to see how a website looked when it was a couple of years of months back, then this is where you […]


Microsoft acquires Mover to speed up Microsoft 365 cloud migration

To hasten the process of migration to Microsoft 365, the Redmond giant has acquired a new file-migration tool called Mover. The Canadian startup offers admin-led and self-service to customers who require swift and hassle-free migration of content to the cloud. […]

Firmware attacks

Microsoft’s Secured-core PCs to protect against targeted firmware attacks

Firmware attacks have been known for many years. However, in recent times, the attacks have increased by a huge number. According to NIST’s National Vulnerability Database, nearly a five-fold increase in the number of firmware vulnerabilities has been discovered in […]

Avast Network Breached VPN

Avast Antivirus Network breached through insecure VPN Profile

It looks like a VPN as a service is not having a good day. NordVPN is already under fire about its Private keys being leaked, and data decrypted on one of its servers, and now Avast Antivirus network has been […]

NordVPN Hacked

NordVPN confirms that it was hacked after Private keys were leaked

Irony! We all use a VPN, keeping in mind everything is private and secure, but then it looks like the risk is everywhere. NordVPN is one of the popular  VPN services has confirmed that it was hacked sometimes ago. The […]

Microsoft updates Processor requirements for Windows 10 1909

Windows 10 1909 is on the verge of release, and Microsoft has updated the processor requirement for it. Windows do it for all their versions, and v1909 is not an exception. Microsoft has listed a set of recommended processors which […]

How to update the dev environment for Windows 10 1909

There will be no new Windows SDK for Windows 10 1909

Windows 10 1909 will soon become available to general consumers, but as usual, they will be first available for developers. Intresting part is that Microsoft Windows Team says that there will be no new Windows SDK – but if you […]

Emisoft report on ransomware attack

Ransomware targeting schools and government organizations majorly

Emsisoft’s Ransomware statistics for 2019: Q2 to Q3 reveal a worrying trend. The report shows enterprise ransomware attacks have become more common. Moreover, the threat actors are increasingly targeting larger and more profitable targets, such as schools and government organizations. […]