Google is making Chrome speedy again, hooray!

Recently, Google has updated its popular web browser, Chrome, to be faster and more efficient. After what seems like forever, the Internet giant has finally felt the need to address some of the huge concerns users have had with Chrome. Google has removed some memory-hogging features to make Chrome browser faster. It will auto-pause Flash content & increase battery life by up to 15%.

From the first day Chrome was launched to the web, speed was the defining factor. However, as the years slowly goes by, the browser became bloated, slow, and use more battery life than it should.


Compare previous versions of Chrome with the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox, and the difference in performance really shows.

Today, however, is the day Google aims to bring Chrome back to its roots.

One of the memory hogging features of Chrome is the ability for the browser to remember tabs you had opened when the browser is closed. Once restarted, all previously opened tabs would return.

The changes Google has made has made it possible for Chrome to detect with a computer is running low on memory, and thus choose to stop restoring some of the tabs.

Chrome can now tell when a web page is not busy and use that time to aggressively clean up unused and old memory. According to Google, this practice reduces website memory usage by up to 10 percent. Not a lot, but a start in our books.

When it comes down to power saving, Chrome can now auto-pause Flash content that is not central to a website. According to Google, this can increase battery life by up to 15 percent.

We recommend allowing Chrome to block Flash content and only enabling it when the user wants to.

Overall, this is great news for Chrome and its millions of users on the web. Still, a lot of work needs to be done in order to relive the glory days when the browser was snappy in every department.

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