Linux Mint website hacked; Users downloaded compromised versions of Linux Mint OS

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  1. And…. this was probably the indirect work of Microsoft. They don’t like it when you look for alternatives to their products. I can hear them say

  2. Yes, with most industry website OS usage trackers saying Linux Mint appears to be used by roughly 650,000 devices, whereas underlying Ubuntu is on like 30 million devices and Ubuntu has no trouble(?), one could hardly make Microsoft a prime suspect.

    Thanks for this story; I use Linux Mint on ultra-fast USB full installs, and keep one on a slightly slower USB as “live” (with installer)…I just downloaded some 17.2 and 17.3 last Thursday (I’m writing this on 17.3), and it’s good to know it shouldn’t be affected. One thing though…on a 16GB stick, you’d think I’d have more like 8 or 9 GB free space after usual install/usual cleanouts including residuals via synaptic manager, but my new 17.3 right away after that had only 5.4GB free space, and I can’t figure why; the 17.2 I also downloaded gave the usual free space after install. I wonder if it’s normal to need 3 or 4 GB space more than 17.2 for 17.3, or could that be a sign of trouble even though I downloaded on February 18? That may best be answered by Mr. Lefebvre; thanks again, cheers!

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