Microsoft is auto-downloading Windows 10 to your Computer

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  1. People will whine about anything, the other whine is when they decide to upgrade it takes so long to get the download

  2. This is not the case of people whining but a case of freedom of choice. There are folks [like myself] who have chosen NOT to install Windows 10 onto all PC’s.

    I will not be installing Win 10 onto my[own] Win 7 PC’s until all the glitches have been ironed out, or at least the majority of them, but I am now preping to install [downloading relevant drivers etc.] on my Win 8.1 PC.

    On these Win 7 Machines [and on the PC’s of some of the elderly folks who are into there late 80’s and 90’s I take care of] Win 10 is not required. So why should Iwe have to waste bandwith and time downloading, as well as taking up 6GB+ of space, these unwanted and un-needed files. One old fellow [in his 90’s] whose PC I mantaine has only 10GB per month allocation from his ISP which meets his reqirements and and these un-needed files would take him way above this. Plus if Windows 10 was installed it would greatly upset him as well as confusing him.

    As stated above MS is working on a refresh of Win 10, so this would would possibly mean another large [unwanted] download. It is my opinion that Win 10 has not been as big a hit as MS hoped and by doing these secrethiddensilent downloades they can truthfully say that 10 has been downloaded onto XXX millions of computers.

    So am I whining? Or do I have legitemate reasons not to want Windows 10?

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