Microsoft Office 2013 Preview Expiration Date Extended

Customers using the trial version of Office 2013 should feel too happy after reading this news. The Office 2013 Preview expiration date has been extended by a few more months.


When Microsoft first made available the free, beta, version of Office 2013 via a preview version of Office 356, it informed users that the version would soon expire (after 90 days), once the official version hits RTM. All those statements were however put to rest today. In response to Neowin’s enquiry regarding the expiration date issue, a Microsoft official issued the following statement:

Your trial will not expire but in fact renew automatically. However, the trial will still expire 60 days after the next version of Office becomes available…..people who see the notification in their billing section will not have to reset anything, it will be done automatically. If people have not checked the billing site until now then they wouldn’t have known that something similar has happened in previous months.”

Prior to this, many users were getting different expiration dates for Office 365 preview. Hence, the clarification was essential from the company’s side.

Now that you know you have a couple of extra months, you can continue using the preview version of Office 2013 without worrying, before it expires. As for the users receiving false notifications about expiration date, Microsoft is still looking for a fix.

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