Microsoft shares behind the scene journey of “The Road to Windows 10″

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  1. Hello Ankit Gupta,
    What an interesting post..I enjoyed reading every word. I’m typing this on my laptop with Microsoft windows 8.1 pro. w/media center edition installed on it. Previously..I had installed windows 10 technical preview (Build #9926), I kept having some issue’s while trying to use it. There were basically two main issue’s I was having with it, #1 my wifi connection kept first I thought it might have been my broadband gateway, but after performing several test’ was determined that the issue was being caused by a ‘bug’ within the tech. preview I decided to continue to try testing the tech preview a little longer. #2 Windows update kept trying to download/install driver’s that were much older than what was already installed on my system. I tried to ‘disable’ the update process of downloading driver’s from windows update..but that didn’t correct the issue. So I felt that I had no choice but to revert back to my previous o.s., which I did, I haven’t had anymore issue’s since doing so. I’m just patiently waiting for the next build # to be I can try out the ‘hopefully’ improved version of windows tech. preview. I love trying out new software, but at least for me was rather disappointed with the build # I was trying to use. I wish there was an easy way to be notified when the next build # is released.

  2. Hey David, Thanks a lot for your reply. I really appreciate your views, and yes, like you, even I am waiting for the final release. We will certainly notify readers at thewindowsclub. Keep sharing your thoughts, it’s a pleasure to have viewers like you sharing them. Cheers, Ankit

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