Mozilla to discontinue Firefox themes

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  1. Firefox/Mozilla will lose many users, but, like a good browser it will keep on ticking. I stopped using Firefox, about 4 years ago. I decided to use Chrome. When Firefox decided to do their updates/upgrades like Chrome does — I thought why use Firefox??? Plus, Firefox was getting way over bloated, in my opinion.

  2. I tried themes once and was not particularly interested. I can see where people would be annoyed, I do know some style junkies that theme their entire OS. If they keep the old style addon development rather than the new API based addons (I doesn’t look like, judging by the FF Nightly discussion) then devs could just make addon-based themes.

  3. I just got fed up with this new version of firefox 42.0 after update from 41.0.2. Going to use chrome now.

  4. I used to use Firefox as my main browser when it was different from the rest. During the time before Persona themes came out. When every developer around was making full themes and the Firefox add-ons were the best ones around. Mozilla should’ve focused on what made Firefox better than the others and just improved on that. Making Firefox look and feel more like Chrome only hurts Firefox. Why choose a Chrome clone when you can just use Chrome? People only choose the clone when it’s cheaper than the original. Android is chosen over iOS because you can get an Android phone for every member of your family for the same cost as just one iPhone. But if the cheapest Android phone cost the same as the iPhone, almost no one would own an Android phone.

  5. Got a pop up today (4/27/16) that FF is discontinuing personas plus. It asked me to rate a few things, asked for feedback. My feedback? THIS SUCKS. I use FF specifically because it’s different from Chrome and can be customized. I have a lot of addons and customization because I like my browser to look a certain way. If FF does not allow me to continue customizing it, I’m gone. Morons. I left Yahoo mail for the very same reason, they took away my ability to customize. Morons.

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