Sony wants to make Windows Phone, awaits Microsoft’s decision

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  1. You may recall that Nokia had made a commitment to soley Microsoft, which, of course, made Microsoft very happy. Then Nokia wanted Microsoft to buy it, and Microsoft balked; and so Nokia made sure that Microsoft knew (though leaks, of course) about Nokia’s plans to offer Android phones…

    …and the (at least effectively) next day Microsoft bought Nokia.

    Because Sony already has Android phones, I would think that it wouldn’t get Microsoft’s attention unless it agreed to stop selling Android phones; and even if it did, the effect of buying Nokia will be diluted if Sony phones are added. It’s mostlly in Sony’s best interests, and not so much Microsoft’s, really, that Sony is able to broaden its OS offering by now being able to sell both Windows and Android phones.


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  2. Having more vendors offering Windows Phone would be really nice. But, as I have mentioned in the article, and you seem to agree with, it is a tipsy deal from Microsoft’s end.

    Let’s see how this deal goes.

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