Move mouse cursor & launch apps with your Eyes in Windows 8 with Tobii

Touching the screen of your tablet to launch apps may soon seem out-dated! Tobii Technology has demonstrated how its Gaze can make it possible for you to control the mouse cursor, launch apps, open links and do more, simply by moving your eyes.

Tobii Gaze for Windows 8

The company specializes in developing new eye-tracking technology and it has developed a software for Windows 8 called Tobii Gaze, essentially an eye-control device or webcam that can tell which parts of the screen your gaze is focussed on.

This technology makes it possible to point and interact in ways that are superior to both touch and mouse. It changes the user interface for regular computers as fundamentally as touch has for handheld devices.

With Gaze, as soon as you place your finger on the touchpad you are provided with feedback about where you are looking. Unlike touch the finger is not blocking your view, and this makes it very easy to select a link or object, no matter how small it is.

This video shows how the mouse cursor can be controlled by Tobii’s Gaze interface, in Windows 8

With the launch of this technology, we could we see our interaction with devices moving on to the next level. How useful do you this technology will be in the future?

Tobii Gaze home page | Tobii Gaze PDF Guide.

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